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    I don't know if that is logical. I have an Alfa autopilot with an underdeck ram that is very efficient, drawing less than 2 amps when working hard. I don't think a wheel pilot is necessarily more efficient. If you are interested in a DIY approach then look at It can integrate...
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    Composite fiberglass propane bottle.

    Have you tried the aluminium tanks? They are just a bit over 10 inches in diameter and a lot nicer to use than steel.
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    My mistake. It wasn't Rod Collins, it was Don Casey in Sail Magazine. DIY: Replacing Fixed Portlights This is the updated version without the pictures :(. I have a PDF of the original version. Pay attention to the blackout paint type and procedure!
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    Check out the detailed instructions from "Main Sail", or "Marine How To" as Rod has named his business now. Bullet proof step by step instructions. (with pictures :))
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    Autopilot install on O’Day 40

    I'm using the linear drive unit from the Alpha. It uses very little current. Rumour has it that it is the same actuator Boeing used somewhere on the 747. I suspect there may be more compact versions available now. Mine was installed in the stbd lazarette and they cut through the corner of...
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    Autopilot install on O’Day 40

    My boat came with an Alpha 4404. It is a linear drive and the arm is simply clamped with a set screw to locate it. No keyway needed. Mine quit working and I've decided to replace everything except the drive unit and arm with electronics from Take a look at it to see if you are...
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    O'day 40 Holding Tank questions (ha ha)

    I ripped mine out, along with about 50 yards of stinky hose, and put in a C-Head 7 years ago. No more stink, no more sewage issues.:)
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    Leaking Lewmar Hatch Rebuild

    You should be able to find cast acrylic at a local plastics shop. I found that to be a lot cheaper than Hatch Masters. I've done a couple of my smaller hatches but the large 2 had to be replaced because the frames had cracked under the hinge where they were welded. Take a good look at that...
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    O’Day 40 Mast conundrum

    The conduits are in tracks and can be pulled out from the bottom. Unfortunately only with the mast removed. The shorter one ends where a steaming/deck light should go.
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    O’Day 40 Mast conundrum

    My 40 has the typical spinnaker halyard setup. Totally external. The spinnaker needs to be clear of the jib.
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    O’Day 40 Questions- Headsails & Autopilot

    Take a look at PYpilot. Could save you a bundle. You only need to buy a tiller arm and electric ram. The tinypilot computer and motor controller are less than $200 and include very sophisticated electronics.
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    O’Day 40 Questions- Headsails & Autopilot

    Our O'Day 40 came with a 155 genoa. It was a lot bigger than we wanted for casual cruising. We replaced it with a 135 and are much happier. Our boat had an Alpha 44 autopilot. Below deck electric ram that only draws .5 amps average. The electronics have gone flaky so I've bought a new...
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    Original O'day Upholstery Fabric

    I'd go with wool because it is comfortable hot and cold, wears extremely well and doesn't "puddle" like the Brisa has done. The original fabric certainly wore well but a DPO had butchered 1 cushion and the buttons had rusted and damaged the fabric.
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    Original O'day Upholstery Fabric

    Our '86 O'Day 40 had the same fabric and it does wear like iron. We replaced it with Brisa a couple of years ago and really like it. Easy to care for, the cat can't hurt it, for and breathes somewhat. If I were to do it again, without a cat, I'd use wool.
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    Clean up on aisle 5: how to clean up old cleats

    I'd take a look at the site. 6" stainless for $8.32, 8" for $16.83. I added a couple to my 26S years ago.
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    Toe Rail

    I'd look for an experienced structural composite person to get advice. It may cost a bit for the advice but probably save time and money. Having said that, what about removing the bolts, replacing the wood with vinylester or epoxy mix and re-drilling/re-bolting?
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    1988 O'Day 40' a blue water cruiser?

    I haven't seen any silicone on my boat except the original portlights. Silicone was marked right on the frame as the correct sealant. Everything else seemed to be polysulfide of some sort. I've replaced the portlights with New Found Metal cast stainless bedded in butyl tape as per Maine Sail...
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    1988 O'Day 40' a blue water cruiser?

    The O'Day 40, as built, is certainly capable of sailing anywhere any similar sized plastic boat can. As built is the problem, they're getting old. Given their age I think you'd need to redo the tabbing. It may look ok but will probably have come loose from the hull. This is the same for all...
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    O’Day 40 owners out there?

    Hi Louis, Ours is an '86 fin keel so I can't help with the pointing. The aft berth is a big improvement on the 2 skinny 1/4 berths it replaces. An added bonus is the better galley space. One mistake they made is the re positioning of the hull portlights put them into cored hull. Watch for...
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    Questions for 39 owners

    I believe the strut is through bolted to the hull. You may have to dig down through fibreglass to find it. If you google O'Day 40 strut you will find a link on another site. The OP may be able to help if you send him a PM. I nearly had mine damaged by an idiot "marine expert" who was about to...