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  1. BigEasy

    Sail Kote Saves the Day (again)

    Had to replace my spare halyard after it chafed in Hurricane Ida. The halyard was old & beyond its duty cycle; Ida simply moved replacement up the priority list. So, I taped the end of the new line and cut thru half of the tape to get rid of the melted end that created a bulge in the end of...
  2. BigEasy

    Restoring lens on Raymarine "C" Series Chart Plotters

    Has anyone attempted to restore / remove the deteriorated UV coating on the lens of a Raymarine C series chart plotter? Raymarine no longer replaces the lens; however, they do recommend using Novus fine scratch remover, then using Novus polish to finish. Has anyone tried this method or any...
  3. BigEasy

    Dynemma Chafe Guards

    Have any of you tried NE Ropes, Dynemma Chafe Sleeves for chafe guards on dock lines, etc. Didn't know that the product existed until I saw it advertised in an online site. Curious if anyone has experience with effectiveness, durability, etc. Thanks.
  4. BigEasy

    Best Paint for Cast Acrylic?

    I have a cast acrylic lens “sky light” on my deck that has a white painted 2” perimeter surrounding the edge. The factory original is 15 years old and weathered; needs to be refurbished. Plan to tape and wet sand; however, not sure about the compatibility of various primers and top coats on...
  5. BigEasy

    Time for New Insurance

    I received notification from my insurer that the program that provides insurance coverage for my '06 Beneteau 343 is being discontinued. The underwriter represents additional insurance companies; however, a replacement quote will only be issued AFTER a marine survey is submitted. My boat is now...
  6. BigEasy

    Insurance premiums

    I have an agreed value yacht policy from a marine insurance underwriter. Have had the coverage with same co for 8 years with no claims. Just did an online quote with Progressive and the cost is approximately half the amount that I am currently paying. Do any of you have experience with...
  7. BigEasy

    Honda Generator recall

    Received this safety recall notice today from Honda. Apparently there are certain EB2200i and EU2200i portable generators that can allow water into an electrical connection on the inverter, resulting in a short circuit failure or fire. This predominantly occurs in applications or regions...
  8. BigEasy

    Raymarine Evolution Wheel Pilot Set Up & Commissioning

    Finally have installed an upgraded auto pilot from Ray St4000+ to Ray Evolution wheel pilot. The new components include an ACU 100 computer, Ev-1 sensor/compass, and P70Rs control head/instrument. I am using my previous installed rudder reference transducer. I am not certain that the rudder...
  9. BigEasy

    Life Line Replacement

    My life lines are 13 years old and showing signs of corrosion at the interface of the wire and terminals. Has anyone replaced theirs recently who can recommend a reputable rigging company? I want to replace terminal studs and toggles and of course, the wire. Plan to reuse pelican hooks &...
  10. BigEasy

    Next Gen Marine Genset

    Anyone have any experience with Next Gen gensets as to quality, reliability, ease of installation & maintenance, quiet operation, etc. I am considering installing 3.5KW genset to run my 16,000 btu air conditioner. Note that a Honda 2KW will not run my split system setup.
  11. BigEasy

    Raymarine ST60 instruments sun cover

    One of my ST 60 covers mysteriously vanished this week. Anyone know of any firm that is 3D printing duplicates. I did find one source in Great Britain but the cost $45 + $25 shipping is a bit high in cost. Really is aggravating that Raymarine doesn’t stock the item any longer.
  12. BigEasy

    MOB Incident on Dublin Bay

    The following video was posted by UK Sailmakers in their most recent newsletter. The actual MOB incident occurred on Dublin Bay in moderate winds and chop. The crew happened to be out with a coach who directed the recovery effort, under power. MOB alongside in approximately 4 minutes and back...
  13. BigEasy

    Beneteau Battery Switch Part Number

    Do any of you have the part number for a positive (red) battery switch from Beneteau or OEM supplier. Couldn't find it in the archives or on Beneteau's spare part site. Thanks.
  14. BigEasy

    McLube Sailkote Substitute

    Appears that Sailkote is no longer available in 14-16oz spray cans; now its available in 8oz spray only for approximately $13. Evidently, Sailkote is based on Dupont's Krytox, a high performance lubricant. I have used it over the years and its definitely good stuff for lubricating sheaves...
  15. BigEasy

    Couple's Dream Trip Sinks Their Sailboat, Stranger Replaces it for $1

    Looks like the couple who sunk their boat after running aground in John's Pass near St Petersburg, FL is in the news again. Appears that an aging sailor "sold" one of his boats to them for $1. Considering their "go fund me" revenue and now a "free boat", they are coming out of this event...
  16. BigEasy

    Favorite Painter's Tape

    Getting ready to haul out for bottom paint & compound/wax of top sides. What's your favorite brand of tape for sharp paint lines, minimal bleed, & ease of removal?
  17. BigEasy

    Weather Video

    Just saw a "Weather for Sailors" video on You Tube that was posted by the Maryland School of Sailing. Captain Tom Tursi is the instructor, the presentation is approximately 90 minutes. May be worth a look if you want to learn a bit more about weather systems as relates to sailing.
  18. BigEasy

    Flush Or Not Flush

    I am changing coolant on my Yanmar 3YM30 diesel. Converting from green to red extended life coolant. I have flushed with fresh water 3 times and have eliminated all traces of green coolant. On the third flush, getting a slight orange color that probably indicates that there is a bit of...
  19. BigEasy

    Refinishing Beneteau Companionway Ladder

    Time to refinish my companionway ladder. The steps are made of veneer covered plywood. I will definitely refinish onboard as its too much trouble to disassemble. I plan to strip the existing coating, sand lightly, stain, and reseal with polyurethane. Finally, new non skid strips will be...
  20. BigEasy

    Bimini Replacement Cost

    Anyone out there replaced their Bimini recently? I am planning to replace mine, using the same frame. Will be fabricated with Sunbrella, clear window in top, two shroud boots, and Tenara thread. What is the approximate replacement cost for an "average" sized bimini. Any good recommendations...