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  1. Fred

    Refrigeration systems?

    Does anyone recognize this evaporator installed in my 1995 Hunter 33.5? Is it a fluid filled evaporator?
  2. Fred

    Hunter plumbing (H33.5 1994)

    I have this grey piping in the boat for fresh water. Is this particularly a marine product or is it residential, like pex? Where can I find parts for this?
  3. Fred

    Network Power Connection- SeaTlkng

    My auto helm ST4000+ has its own power feed and circuit breaker. My other instruments have a separate power circuit with breaker. I am currently installing a network connection between the autohelm (SeaTalk) and the other instruments (SeaTlkng). This involves using an interface kit. When I hook...
  4. Fred

    Main sheet rigging - H33.5

    On the new-to-me H33.5 1994 all control lines run to the cockpit except the main sheet. The dodger windshield is installed just aft of the traveller. The only way to control the traveller from the cockpit is to unzip the windshield (sides) and grab the traveller control lines. Similarly the only...
  5. Fred

    Hunter 33.5 - Autohelm ST4000+

    I’m trying to get the Wheel pilot on this new to me boat working properly. It does not appear to track well under sail, particularly when heeled. I set the Response Level to “2” and the Rudder gain to “1” which seems to give the best performance. It will hold until it gets a significant...
  6. Fred

    Install Main Halyard H33.5 1994

    My boat is on the hard with the mast up. The main halyard has completely come out of the mast. How do I install it back into the mast.
  7. Fred

    Leaving motor on dinghy while sailing

    I have recently purchased a 1994 H33.5 and have not yet had the opportunity to sail her. The boat comes with davits and a dinghy but not a motor so I purchased a 9.9 HP outboard. Is it realistic to expect to leave the motor on the dinghy while sailing or will I have to transfer the motor to a...
  8. Fred

    Hunter 33.5 1994 - purchase decision

    I am considering the purchase of a 1994 Hunter 33.5. Does this model still use wood core construction? Should I be concerned about core rot in the decks? What other items should I pay special attention to? The survey report indicates the boat to be in excellent condition. Thanks in advance for...
  9. Fred

    H26 Transom Crack

    I have a crack in the upper (starboard) side of the transom joint as shown in the picture. I know this is not a new issue with these boats and wish to plan a repair project. My forum searches have yielded some very old posts many with pictures no longer available. I see solutions including the...
  10. Fred

    H26 Trailer Issues

    I have a stock H26 galvanized trailer with an extending tongue for my 1996 H26. I find that when towing, the trailer bounces and seems to go into a resonance above 90kph. (50mph). I have had the wheels balanced in the past and it didn't really go away. The same resonance occurs when the trailer...
  11. Fred

    H26 Coaxial VHF cable

    I need to change the in-mast portion of the VHF cable on my H26. (it got damaged and is now too short at the protruding ends.) Should I just be able to attach a new length of cable to the old one and pull it through from mast head to foot?
  12. Fred

    H26 keel knocking

    weve been anchored out a few nights now and if the water is not completely still the centreboard tends to knock around somewhat and the sound reverberates through the hull. I’ve tried both lowered and raised positions. Any ideas out there about how to quiet it down?
  13. Fred

    Gray Enterprises port holes

    this started with the simple task of replacing the gaskets on theGray 715 style opening ports on my H26. I ordered gasket from SBO When I received it I noticed that it had a T cross section and the old gasket, though flattened didn’t quite seem the same. After some further research and...
  14. Fred

    Massasauga Provincial Park

    We are planning to spend some time in the Georgian Bay, Killbear / Parry Sound area this summer. We've been around Franklin Island in previous years but were thinking to circumnavigate Parry Island and explore Massasauga Provincial Park this year. Are there any favourite suggestions for...
  15. Fred

    Dinghy vinyl repair

    Perhaps I am being too fussy but I noticed some damage to the transom of my dinghy. The vinyl has worn off, possibly abraded due to pulling the dinghy off of the sandy beach. A) should I be concerned and B) what are recommendations for repair. It would likely be easiest to repair if I could...
  16. Fred

    No weather helm

    Usually I expect to feel some slight weather helm when sailing my H26. On my first sail of the year I was sailing across our lake (actually a wide river) on a port tack and notices very little or no weather helm. I checked that the keel and rudder were all the way down. The main was fully raised...
  17. Fred

    H26 Stern Rail Seat Replacement

    I need to replace the stern rail seats on my H26. The PO had changed out the OEM seats (presumably starboard and teak) with some plywood which doesn't seem to be quite the correct dimensions and has also deteriorated. I plan to use 1/2" HDPE (UV stabilized) for this project and would like to...
  18. Fred

    Hoist for dinghy motor

    I would like to install a hoist for my 4hp dingy motor ( less than 50 lbs) on my H26. A) I would love to see some pictures of H26 boats with a hoist installed B) I'm thinking to build one myself from 1 inch SS tubing to avoid the approx $600 costs that I've seen online. Has anyone done this?
  19. Fred

    H26/260 Depth Sounder location

    In the picture attached... When I purchased the H26 the depth sounder transducer was epoxied on to the hull under the V-berth slightly port of center (between the two pieces of tape shown in pic). The depth sounder did not work so I replaced it. I located the new transducer to the starboard of...
  20. Fred

    Crane Launch H26/260

    At our club we have two cranes. Sometimes it is more convenient to use the cranes than the launch ramp. I have yet to crane launch my H26. I seem to recall reading that the proper lift points for the H26 is at 7' and 19' from the bow. At the 19' point the boat is resting on the trailer bunks...