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  1. terry_buda

    O'Day 28 wheel and binacle.

    I'm dreaming of replacing my tiller with a wheel. I know there is a lot involved, but hoping someone can take the edge off with some salvage parts. Thanks in advance!
  2. terry_buda

    Dodger and/or Bimini for O'day 28

    I have an O'Day 28 in need of some shelter from the sun and rain. If anyone knows of a source for used, but usable bimini and or dodger frame that I can buy, please post. I can fabricate from drawings, so if you have any plans that could work too. Thanks in advance!
  3. terry_buda

    New to me O'day 28 - Getting into the water, re-rigging and running lines

    I am a woefully underqualified new bigger-boat owner. After more than 20 years with my Widgeon, I just bought a 1979 O'day 28. I am simultaneously ecstatic and terrified. The boat has been on the hard in a marina with the mast stepped for a couple seasons, but lovingly well maintained by the...
  4. terry_buda

    Widgeon Seats

    I have a Widgeon which is missing the removable "Teak Seats" (actually mahogany, I'm told). I can't find anyone who sells them, and am actually even having a tough time finding photo's of them. Does anyone have a set of the seats which need a new home? I am in Michigan. Alternatively...