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  1. Joe

    Traditional format.

    I like the old page layout. How do I get that back... it changed today when I logged in. Thanks for your help.
  2. Joe

    Lewmar Winch Sale

    Just a reminder that Lewmar and West Marine are running their yearly two for one sale. Most all their winches and handles are available for this great bargain. This isn't an ad... it's a simple heads up to all y'all that might have been waiting to pull the trigger on a super cool upgrade for...
  3. Joe

    Removing Bird Poop

    I would love to hear what the rest of you fine people have found the most effective bird poop remover from their Sunbrella canvas. Is removing the covers for professional cleaning a good option? Is there some kind of killer product that sprays on and removes the last of the white residue...
  4. Joe

    keel drain plug

    Hello allWhile putting in my keel drain plug I noticed the keel thru hull rotated a few degrees. I have moved my tank and can now see the inside of the drain. It looks like there is a large nut with a rubber washer. Has anyone ever removed and/or rebedded their drain. The drain is quite a...
  5. Joe

    Would you sail around the world in this boat? I would.

    After a long time away, I recently dropped by solo circumnavigator Laura Dekker's blog. Let's see... she got married in 2015, she's traveled all over the world presenting seminars and supporting a number of causes, she worked for an adventure diving company, makes deliveries, has a...
  6. Joe

    Bulkhead putty

    Does anyone know what the "putty" is around the main bulkhead and over the mastbeam. Is thickened epoxy a adequate substitute? Thanks. Joe mSent from my iPhone
  7. Joe

    Bulkhead. Thickness

    Ugh I just replace my main bulkhead with the 1/2 as original is 3/4 inch what people are recommending now I didn't see that in the mastbeam PDFSent from my iPhone
  8. Joe

    Rigger needed for San Diego area

    Yep.... my mast climbing days are over....... so I'm hoping one of you San Diego area forum members can recommend an independent rigger. Sorry..... this isn't really a discussion question... just a reference request... so it would be easier to PM me with a name.... Thanks for your help.
  9. Joe

    New format questions

    How do we edit our posts after publishing? Can we control the number of days we want our "recent posts" search to go back. Does the opening forums page default to recent posts, ask all sailors? I want to see all recent posts back to a certain length of time that I define it was...
  10. Joe

    Single Handed Cruising

    Here's a nice video that may inspire some of us couch potatoes... (although Single Handed Passage Making might be a better choice for title)
  11. Joe

    Josh Slocum Biography

    Many of you may have seen this... or another version... but for those of you who haven't, this is on the MUST SEE list.
  12. Joe

    Nike on her way

    Very nice segment this time... goes to show you don't need a shiny new boat to go cruising... she certainly deserves this...
  13. Joe

    Getting rid of boat Odors

    I scanned this article from our latest marina newsletter( a syndicated publication to which Marina Village subscribes).... Besides the subject matter, which is an important recurring topic here on SBO, I found it refreshing that the author gives OUR Peggie Hall a huge plug for her book and nom...
  14. Joe

    Untie the Lines

    Nike has posted a new episode........ very little about the project... but she seems in better spirits. She's pretty good at putting these things together...
  15. Joe

    How to finish topside paint application

    I have finished painting my Nacra beach cat hulls with Interlux Brightside... Now I need some opinions on the final finish... Some of the suggestions so far: 1. do nothing after final coat 2. wet sand with 1500, then buff and wax 3. spray on a clear coat, sand buff wax...
  16. Joe

    Lewmar winch deal

    I dropped by Minney's in Costa Mesa today, not having been in the area for quite some time. They have an awesome deal on new, 2 speed, chromed bronze Lewmars ST's... size 30 was $495... the 40 and 46's were similarly discounted. There's a limited supply. I'm not soliciting for anyone, just a...
  17. Joe

    Lewmar winch deal

    I dropped by Minney's in Costa Mesa today, not having been in the area for quite some time. They have an awesome deal on new, 2 speed, chromed bronze Lewmars ST's... size 30 was $495... the 40 and 46's were similarly discounted.
  18. Joe

    Cat 27, Vanity is thy name

    Last year's MSD and plumbing projects still left the compartment feeling like an outhouse instead of a bathroom. So, with some left over counter material from a recent kitchen remodel and a hunk of cherry wood, I built this sliding vanity to make the head more functional and attractive. I need...
  19. Joe

    Laura Dekker avoids pirates.....

    We can lay to rest the heated discussion that arose a while back about whether the teenager, laura dekker, should be sailing in pirate infested waters. Firstly, she did not disclose her destination on her blog and shut down her website's gps link, feeling that keeping her route undisclosed to...
  20. Joe

    What were you doing at 18?

    Jessica Watson's "Another Challenge" prepping for Sydney-Hobart