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  1. Sailfanatic

    Sanity Check: Winterization...Covering winches in a below freezing winter ? Maybe a cockpit tarp over the boom or unstepped mast ?

    The photo is of my deck tent. I personally see no plus to a full hull cover, and if the boat is painted, you do not want the topsides closed in. There is a lot of engineering in a deck tent - cutouts for the mast, topping lift, shrouds, stanchions, bow and stern rails, and all reinforced, plus...
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    Sanity Check: Winterization...Covering winches in a below freezing winter ? Maybe a cockpit tarp over the boom or unstepped mast ?

    I think not covering at least the cockpit of boats which experience snowfall and freeze-thaw temperatures is asking for trouble. If a hose gets iced-up, you can end up with a hose with a split in it from ice expansion. Mostly likely the owner wont be aware of such damage until after the boat...
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    Prop sizing (diameter, pitch) for Bavaria 41 (2004) saildrive vs. engine speed (RPM) and boat speed

    I thought the target for prop sizing is to reach hull speed as cruising RPM, normally 80% of max RPM. SSo you should be running at 2800 when you hit eight knots. I think the problem that comes up from being over propped - cruising at 2200 versus 2800, is a diesel engine needs cruising RPMs to...
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    Changing Hoses

    To flush a holding tank, you just need to run a section of garden hose as from the bottom of the tank to a lower point overboard, with a shutoff valve. Run your pressured water through the hose and then close the valve so you maintain a head of water in the he hose. Place the hose in the...
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    Spinnaker halyard on 272

    First is its much easier to run externally, but you do then need to tie off the halyard when not in use so it does not slap on the mast. An internal spinnaker halyard would have the same risk of noise as the current internal halyards, all which cannot be tied off. A benefit of external is one...
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    Inner Jib Tracks and Life Lines

    Inner tracks will do wonders for your pointing ability and there should be no conflict with lifelines, as the sail and sheets are all in board. I would assume most any Cat 22 that races would have inboard tracks. Check
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    Spinnaker halyard on 272

    You can use that existing halyard for an asym as long as you tack the sail at or behind the stemhead and jibe the sail inside, i.e. aft of the forestay. If you want to tack the asym ahead of the stemhead, or to use a sprit, or to someday fly a symmetric spinnaker, then you need to hang the...
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    1990 Hunter Vision 32' Jib Tension

    Just enough to stretch the un-tensioned luff. On a windy day, add enough to remove any scallops in the luff under sail.
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    In Mast furler won't stay reefed

    Yes, that's why it's provisioned.
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    HUNTER 376 Halyard Installation

    I've seen spars marked that way, it boggles my mind, the label really should say, "spare jib halyard", I think some builders have anticipated the death of symmetric spinnakers. Just remember to jibe the sail aft of the forestay. If you ever want the use a symmetric, or an asym on a sprit, you...
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    Shoal vs Wing Keel

    A deep keel model will well out sail either a wing keel or shoal draft, buy a short keel only if its not a choice for you. If you go for a short keel, be sure to measure the depth of the rudder. If the rudder is as deep, or deeper, than the keel, don't buy that model, you would be asking for...
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    HUNTER 376 Halyard Installation

    Just to cover the base, a true spinnaker halyard needs to run from a swivel block set on a masthead crane, so you may want to check on this equipment. If you run a "spinnaker" halyard using just the same masthead exit as you jib halyard, what you will have, is another jib halyard. You can fly a...
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    Bilge Pump - Siphon BACK!

    If the bilge pump outlet is below water when the boat is heeling, and there is no check valve or anti-siphon loop, then it is possible for a bilge pump to run in reverse. William Buckley's excellent sailing book AIRBORNE tells the story of his yacht sinking at the dock for an un-determined...
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    Spinnaker halyard preventer wheel?

    Spinnaker shackle guard, as used on the sheets?
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    Fuel line crack.

    My marine insurance company wanted all fuel hoses replaced after five years.
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    Jib Halyard Swivel problem?

    Just to cover the base, you should not ease the jib halyard before furling the jib, or you will experience the halyard wrap shown in the picture. If that has been a practic3e, that may be the only problem to address. You should release tension on the halyard after the sail is furled, and...
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    Rigging (Shroud & side stay) tension for O'day 222

    You might watch the videos on this channel
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    Rigging (Shroud & side stay) tension for O'day 222

    When sailing upwind in a breeze the leeward shrouds should be no more than a little slack, if they are loose enough to swing, you need to tighten them. Add a turn, tack and see how the other side looks. If still lose, add a turn and tack again, etc.
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    Rookies first outing, hunter 260

    Check this channel out
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    This is an interesting comment, but a bit puzzling, what is your source for this idea? I took a quick look a Lewmar winch manual and it does not mention the orientation of the winch, other then the entry angle of the sheet.