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    Anti Corrosion Tape

    Does anyone have a recommendation for the anti-corrosion tape that you would put between stainless steel fittings and aluminum mast? I will also be using Tef-gel since I've had great success with it. Thanks
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    Android app

    Is anyone else getting an error when you try to use the Android app for sailboat owners? I am getting a response that the license is expired?.
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    G10 Material for Mast Step

    Has anyone used G10 to create their own mast step for a keel stepped mast to avoid corrosion and deterioration of the factory cast aluminum step? Would the compression of the mast on a flat sheet of G10 with a raised center wear G10 through vibration? From what I've read is that G10 should be...
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    Flushing of Raw Water Cooled Engine Circuit

    As part of preventive maintenance which was never done before, and the boat has always spent it’s summers in salt water and winters with the engine winterized. I’m planning to flush out my Yanmar 3GMD engine with Rydlyme and had some questions for those who might have done this or something...
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    Shockles won't open

    Has anybody ever had the problem of the clip on the Shockles line snubber not opening and how to fix it? I have had pretty good experience with them over the last 10 or 15 years in which they really do lessen the shock load at a dock on my dock lines when boats might be going by. I know they've...
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    Upsizing raw water engine SeaCock, Strainer, White Steam Smoke

    Maine Sail, My project is part of upsizing the internal strainer from a plastic 3/4" Sherwood strainer to a Groco ARG 1000 (1") for an Yanmar 3GM raw water cooled engine (I think you recommended this Groco Strainer somewhere). With this, I was thinking I should up-size the Sea Cock to at least...
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    Kopr Shield Conductive Grease or Never Seize?

    I recently read a article in Sail magazine about tools you should have on a boat and it noted that the product Kopr Shield is a "conductive grease for battery connections and to seal engine zincs." I have a Yanmar 3GMD on my boat and it is a raw water cooled engine that has two plugs in the...
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    Redundant speed or depth

    I'm thinking of adding a speed/depth/temp (Raymarine) transducer to my existing system utilizing one of the existing holes in my hull used by one of my Datamarine transducers. My Datamarine system works fine but does not talk (due to age) to my current Raymarine system which includes an e...
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    Varnish issue

    Anyone know how I could avoid varnish failure for teak strips that are screwed through for my companionway hatch. The strips were for first coated with West Systems clear expoxy and multiple coats of quality varnish. The issue clearly is that the varnish and expoxy failed around the screws that...
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    Shurflo freshwater pump leak

    I'm Hoping someone had a similar problem and can help. I have a SHURflo pump model 3901-0216 that I installed 28JUL2012. In August of 2015 it has developed a leak that appears to be coming from the diaphragm for the pressure switch. Since the since just the pressure switch diaphragm part was...
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    Acrylic to teak sealant / Varnish before or after?

    It is time for my companionway sliding hatch to be redone after 30+ years. It is constructed with the smoked acrylic (or Lexon) is sandwiched between teak with self tapping screws. I have taken the whole thing apart, cleaned the teak and am ready for the next steps which would be varnishing...
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    Trap Drain

    What is the real pupose of installing a trap type drain for a head sink? I assume it helps keep any odors coming up through the drain. Any other benifits? Anyone have any negatives? Assume a negative is that you'll need to winterize the trap.
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    Stanchion Base type

    I'm looking to replace some of my Life line Stanchions this winter. I see similar ones on the website but not sure what the correct degree the base is. I assume its 5 or 8 degrees, (item SB 36-H1-T5 or T8) similar to the Hunters. I'm not sure it actually matters though. I was hoping...
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    reverse polarity glow

    Roger's recent post got me thinking. I've once seen a situation in which all the polarity checked out with one of those $3 testers (maybe $6 now) on the dock and boat when the AC cord was hooked up to shore power. The boat had two reverse polarity indicators hooked up at a breaker within two...
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    New Holding tank questions

    Hello all, I've been looking to replace my holding tank for some time. This was delayed due to thinking hard about installing a Electra Scan and smaller holding tank but the costs, electrical and space limitations on that has evolved to just putting in the largest tank I can fit without major...
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    Powering a Carbon Monoxide detector

    I have 12 volt FireBoy - Xintex Sentinel Carbon Monoxide Detector that I purchased last summer but am just getting around to hooking up:|135|2290081|2290083&id=337647 My question is on whether I should hook it up like a bilge pump in that it's...
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    Yanmar specified adhesive sealants

    Hello everyone, Hopefully this is an easy question. The yanmar service manual lists a bunch of what they call packing agents and adhesives at different application points in my Yanmar 3GMD engine. Since they don't seem to be available I was curious what everyone uses as available (USA)...
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    Yanmar Raw Water Exhaust Manifold

    Looking for suggestions and advice. I removed my exhaust manifold which is on a raw water cooled 3GMD Yanmar engine. I removed it more for preventative maintence to ensure that there wasn't too much carbon build up on the exhaust gas side. It was good. Think it was removed about 15 years ago...
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    Battery post torque

    Maine Sail, In reviewing your gallery on "Battery Meltdown" the question is what is the proper torque for each of the battery terminal nuts? Thanks for your posts!
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    Bilge Discharge Hose Routing

    I'm having the common issue after relocating my bilge pump to the deepest part of my shallow bilge (16" or so) on my 34' Seidelmann which happens to be in the main salon behind the mast... I was attempting to get most of the water out of the bilge by relocating but what happens is that the...