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  1. MrBill_FLL

    New Macgregor 26d owner - How do I rig the sails?

    I owned a 88 26D post a pic looking down when standing over the dagger board. I think that cheek block on the foreground is to raise and lower the dagger board. how many sails do you have? and how is the rudder rigged? adding 1" to the leading edge will do wonders to handling.
  2. MrBill_FLL


    I have used Ospho, on autos. Its Alright but it needs a top coat to protect it. Now I use POR-15. its got a thicker, and better bond IMO. its more epoxy like, where Ospho was acid.
  3. MrBill_FLL

    What is your backup GPS solution?

    garmin colorado. built in charts. -NLA in 2011 we finished the Ft Lauderdale - Key West race using this as the backup at night, with zero house battery or nav lights. raining and blowing 30 knts. after that race I searched ebay til I found one. without a backup gps we would have been...
  4. MrBill_FLL

    Florida Red Tide

    plenty of snook in Broward county. We have had red tide for years and years. (but this year its in the ocean, vs the normal bays) The agreed solution is to flood South Florida with 2" of water. People now living there have other ideas.
  5. MrBill_FLL

    Florida Red Tide

    no. THIS RED TIDE, is not from storm runoff. There were no fish kills in the bays that are fed by rivers and lake O. We have had problems with lake O dumping water, but not this year. (and Lake O is controlled by Army corp of Engineers) here is the red tide monitoring stations. note the...
  6. MrBill_FLL

    Arrows on sails???

    I have seen indicators on sails, but near the belly and facing down. (to take picture here). for sail shape/twist it might have been UK sails. that or North.
  7. MrBill_FLL

    Is a MacGregor 26M (gasp) my best option?

    op stated: "Mac 26M can do 18 -20 knots with ease at full power while still getting 3.5mpg, or over 8mpg if I throttle back to 6kts" IMHO: I'm not sure this is true. I think that's in optimal conditions. I think there will be times when 6 knts is all it can do. if that.
  8. MrBill_FLL

    2 Cycle Carburetor Question

    compression? prop ok?
  9. MrBill_FLL

    Where to retire and sail

    Charlotte Harbor. good water depth for day sailing. affordable housing. but go north to the chesapeake in the summer, or RI. its muggy and buggy in the summer.
  10. MrBill_FLL

    Is a MacGregor 26M (gasp) my best option?

    tri-toon boat, or an express. I would like to see a M fight a 3' choppy sea... on a windy day... you might find you're down to 6 knts. the M should go downwind pretty well.
  11. MrBill_FLL

    Repair this mast?

    This would be my suggestion. but add a step to make up the difference. if you cut off 10", make support footers 10" to make the rig the same, and no need to cut sails. also there is a bottom plug for the mast. see if you can find one. you might be able to coax that back in.
  12. MrBill_FLL

    Building a Basic Sailboat Toolbox

    and band-aids!
  13. MrBill_FLL

    Mayday mayday!

    fwiw, most marine fuel tanks have the fuel pickup slightly off the bottom, to avoid the sludge that tends to build up in a boat over time. car tanks pull from the bottom, most marine tanks have a tube from the top, or have a lip on the bottom. you'll need a water fuel filter maybe 2.
  14. MrBill_FLL

    And then there were six, leaks that is, how did you seal the stay attachments?

    I had good luck with well-nuts on the chain plates vs rivets or screws.
  15. MrBill_FLL

    Run the outboard dry

    if not already posted, you can find non ethanol at click your state. when I used regular e-10 I would put in stabil and use it up to 8 months later. I run the gas out of 2 strokes. don't own a 4 stroke.
  16. MrBill_FLL

    Headlights on boats - new trend?

    Shrimp too! good for night fishing on the reef. but running, nah
  17. MrBill_FLL

    Headlights on boats - new trend?

    Headlights are nothing new. magnum marine installed them on their go fasts, that the uscg and police boats used in the 70's to guard Nixon's retreat on Key Biscayne. LED's are new, and cheap, and don't use amps, so.... everyone wants them...
  18. MrBill_FLL

    AirBnB for boats

    1+ Florida is pretty good COL & tax wise, and there are some high paying jobs. depending on skills. At one time I thought I was going to be relocated to LA working for a fortune 500 company. I was only earning 30k a year at that time, and knew I would probably never be able to afford a house...
  19. MrBill_FLL

    Charter member?

    Lobster season starts early August, and ends March 31st. April-May are good months if you don't like lobster traps!
  20. MrBill_FLL

    Shallow water sailboats lifting centerboards and lifting rudder

    another vote for Macgregor. lots of cabin room, huge birth, how about a bay hen, interesting motor well.