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  1. wade the giant

    Squeaky bulkhead

    I have a squeaky bulkhead when at anchor or walking on the deck while in the slip. I’ve been told by boat neighbors to not remove the interior, wood bulkhead to diagnose the problem. However, I was not given advice on how to address the problem. Any help?
  2. wade the giant

    Toe rail carriage bolts

    Hi, I’m seeking advice on how to properly maintain corrosion on my aluminum toe rail, which has stainless steel carriage bolts. I am re-bedding all the bolts but some of the corrosion is not under a bolt. Thanks in advance.
  3. wade the giant

    Hunter passage 42 forward window

    I purchased this boat with a poorly installed forward window. I removed the old window(plastic) and traced the old window, filled the cracks with filler, ordered new plastic, added more holes for screws and tried installing the new window. The window cracked during installation. Has anyone...
  4. wade the giant

    Holding tank removal from pour foam insulation

    My factory installed holding tank has failed. The welded threaded fitting has cracked and the tank itself has a lot of calcium at the bottom so it’s time to replace the tank. However, the tank is really hard to remove because of the pour foam. Any recommendations on how to remove the tank? So...
  5. wade the giant

    Hunter 42 passage “I” beams beneath the soul

    I have I Beams made from wood installed beneath the soul/ flooring in my hunter. The beams sit directly under the floor forward of the companionway. They are starting to fail and I was wondering if anyone has had this same issue and what you did to replace them. What material did you replace...