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  1. valcour

    Gasket for refrigerator lid

    Ice will still freeze without using the metal clip that holds the trays tight against the sides.
  2. valcour

    New toilet and holding tank system

    Flying Jay - when you get the tank monitor for the black water tank, consider getting the two channel model and having some indication on your fresh water tank as well. With the odd shape, it won't be perfect, but will give you a pretty good idea. I have a different system, but it sure is nice...
  3. valcour

    Factory fresh water and holding tank sensors

    You might look at the cabin light circuit also. I chose that for mine since that breaker is almost always on. If you have a helper with a meter you can cycle all the breakers and see if it is connected to one of them (or directly to the battery).
  4. valcour

    Replacing water tank

    Do you have a leak? have not had a reason to do so yet.
  5. valcour

    Rigging the 2nd reef in a 310?

    Here are some photos of my second reef. There is one photo of the tack with a line that is not red and white which came from a post from "For pete's sake"; you should be able to find that in the archives. I have to go forward and remove the slug stop to pull in the second reef, and then put...
  6. valcour

    315 PHRF rating

    For PHRF Chesapeake bay, my 310 has a base rating of 171, and a 9 sec/mi credit for roller furler/drum above deck and 12 sec/mi for fixed 3 blade prop resulting in 192. The 310s range from 180 and 195 on the bay (three boats). A 309 WK rates 195. These are similar hulls to your 315, but a...
  7. valcour

    Mainsail slug replacement

    If the webbing is still in good shape, cut the threads and reuse it it to sew on the new ones. Otherwise get similar new webbing and sew back like they were. This is easier with a sailmakers palm to help push the needle through, but it is not really necessary. I have replaced several slugs...
  8. valcour

    Spinnaker Pole Length

    You would want to pull them out of the bag and see how broad the shoulders are. Avid racers of displacement boats carry several chutes and use a flatter cut for close reaching legs, and a more rounded cut for dead downwind or broad reaches. The 310 reaches relative well with a 155% jib. If...
  9. valcour

    Modern Design Anchors

    We carry a 33# rocna with 60' of 3/8 chain and 150' nylon on the bow roller and a 16# danforth with 30' chain and 125' nylon in the bow locker (had to trim one end of the stock a couple inches to fit the molded recess of the starboard side of locker). The Rocna works well in muddy southern...
  10. valcour

    Larger wheel?

    I have a 40" wheel on my 310.
  11. valcour

    Below Deck Autopilot

    What is your normal sail plan in 10 kts when it starts acting up? does this happen upwind and down? I also have the ST4000 and it handles quite well if the winds are under 20 and the helm is relatively balanced prior to engaging. I have the wing keel and generally throw in the first reef...
  12. valcour

    Alternator belt tension

    Yes. 3/8" to 1/2" per page 51 of Universal M-25XPB service manual #200554
  13. valcour

    C310 main sheet to helm position?

    Consider leading traveler controls aft of the wheel. The traveler has 4:1 purchase so you can handle it without a winch, and provides quicker response if you need to dump the main when single handing in a gust than the main sheet. This is how I did it on the 310, you could likely do something...
  14. valcour

    Wash Down Pump Install

    Can you pass the hose from the bilge and up under the mast compression post area forward (this is how the fresh water supply goes aft to galley sink)?
  15. valcour

    Blister history of Catalina 310

    I have hull 218 circa 2003. Never had a blister. I bought the boat in 2006 and put 5 coats of interprotect 2000 barrier coat and 2 coats of Pettit trinidad on the bottom with a third coat on control surafces and water line in 2007. Been using trinadad (or trinadad SR) every two (and recently...
  16. valcour

    Starboard hanging locker in forward berth

    It you remove the cedar panel, there is more open space below, which provide additional hanging locker space
  17. valcour

    110VAC Outlets

    to clarify, on 2003 hull #218 the outlet is in the aft cubbord, in the cabinet just behinf the cabbint for the mic. I guess I have it easy, as that GFCI pops at least once a season, and I have easy access to reset.
  18. valcour

    Replacing propane supply system

    Agree that properly secured propane plumbing should be long lasting. Are you having problems, or just preparing for the next three decades before you have an issue?
  19. valcour

    110VAC Outlets

    you dont have to remove the micro to reset the CFCI. The mic is pluged onto it
  20. valcour

    110VAC Outlets

    On the 2003 cata 310 hull 218 Valcour, the GFCI is in the aft locker over the stove behind the microwave. If you reset, it controlls all outlets down stream on the port and stbd side. The nav station outlet is before the gfci if i recall corectly. Reset the GFCI and see what happens first.