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  1. Big Rog

    New to midsize forum

    My name is Roger and I have a recently purchased hunter 33.5. I’ve had it about two months and have been working through some minor issues. Air leak in the fuel filter has been located and fixed. That was the biggest. I really like this boa I have an h26 that will have to go and have watched...
  2. Big Rog

    Stays H26

    Can some one tell me which stay goes to fore and aft u bolts. Is spreader stay on the fore or aft bolt at chain plate. thanks rog
  3. Big Rog

    Water ballast valve on H26

    I am replacing the seal on the water valve on my H26. It’s on the trailer and I have let it down as far as the bunks will let it go. My question is the lower plate threaded or is it welded to the all thread. Threaded would make life much easier. Otherwise I think I will have to lift the boat...
  4. Big Rog


    i bought my boat in November last year. It has an asymmetrical spinnaker tha I finally decided to try today. It didn’t go so well. First I have roller furling headsail that rotates around the forestay. I’m using the halyard that I’m assuming would have been for a head sail. The foot of the...
  5. Big Rog

    Saving threads for later reference

    I’ve found myself wondering how to save a thread to a file for a later time. Can’t be that hard. I hope. Thanks rog
  6. Big Rog

    Anybody know dimensions of rear birth on H26

    This isn’t a big deal and I can measure when I get back to boat this weekend. Just thinking about 4” memory foam in that birth.
  7. Big Rog


    Well I think I fanally have the Nightwind at a point where I’m happy. Have had several days out with no squaks and am getting fairly comfortable. The next step for me is to find an inexpensive GPS chart plotter. Most of my sailing is for now going to be one inland lakes. While I’ve sailed our...
  8. Big Rog

    Spreaders H26

    I t appears that one of the spreaders on the nightwind has been repaired. The weld looks good but I would like to replace it at some point. Might be a little anal but I can’t help it. I’ve seen it now. What I’ve found is for a 260. Is this the same as the 26? I was able to get on the water...
  9. Big Rog

    Routing reef line on H26

    I hope I’m not being a pest but here goes. When I bought my boat the previous owner told me the reef line had been pulled out of the boom. I have searched the forum and haven’t found a diagram that shows how to rig this. Haven’t found it in the manual either. At this point I have a boom with...
  10. Big Rog

    Replace main and jib halyard sheaves at mast base.

    Both sheaves and guard are broken on my H26. Is this a big deal? Thanks. Rog MERRY CHRISTMAS
  11. Big Rog

    Trailer bow stop H26

    My names Roger and just bought an H26. Nicely equipped and plenty of new stuff to learn about. However on the way home with my new boat one side of the rubber bow stop broke and the boat moved to the side and forward and dinged my boat. I have been unable to find a new one and no number on old...