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  1. seadaddler

    Ignorant solar panel and battery questions

    If you think you might do over nighters more than invest in a second deep cycle battery and a start battery as backup and if you plan on doing more over nights in future than look into solar and maybe 2-6 volt deep cycle ashouse bank and a second battery for start battery and build up from...
  2. seadaddler

    Panda 6 KW generator / Yanmar 4JH4E oil grade

    I have been using shell Rotella 15W 40 for my Yanmar 3YM30 and for my Fisher Panda 42/since the boat was new and never need to add oil in between oil and filter changes.
  3. seadaddler

    Marinco Solar Vent Installation

    Are you drill with hole saw or note and if using hole go slow the heat will melt some of the plastic hatch but no problem mine came out great nice aind clean job
  4. seadaddler

    Engine Stalling 3GM30F

    I had gunk in my fuel tank and after running hour or more engine would die changed fuel filter and run again for engine or more so took fuel gauge sender and fuel pickup w it’s screen on end of pickup tube coated with crud and so what was happening when running engine and boat bouncing around...
  5. seadaddler

    iPad charging woes

    I have my iPad next to my chartplotter all the time and have USBn connection for it my nav pod which holds My chart,plotte and keeps the iPad working no problem with a good charge.
  6. seadaddler

    brand of microwave to fit in cupboard above stove

    My 07 H-36 came with a microwave and we use it a lot and my wife does have frozen foods for when we go on 3 week cruises with our club here in SS Fl. But on one trip our microwave did crap out early on our trip and we could have managed with out it but we search on internet the size we needed...
  7. seadaddler

    Anyone install a temperature sender in the heater line on a Yanmar 3GM30F?

    Look at T bird posts and what I was put tee into heater hose near thermostats I add sensor and have gauge at start panel in cockpit been working many years and came in very handy when had cooling problem and works real good with pretty accurate temp and rinses when a pro blew with the cooling...
  8. seadaddler

    How hard is it to replace a prop annode while the boat is in the water?

    What I do is I have a dive tank and 40’ hose with mask and I add 2 shaft Zincs on my shaft at all times not that hard and comes in handy when out cruising and anchored I go under my boat often to check things out. Or get list from marina of who is allowed to clean bottoms in your marina.
  9. seadaddler

    To Electric or not to Electric that is the question/

    The friends who have gotten electric outboard went back to gas. We cruise with our club and many other boaters and usually the one with electric outboard need help from ones with gas. Re Charging and how far you can go with out running out of charge if you go to marina every night and can...
  10. seadaddler

    Dinghy swing

    My setup is like pooper and keeps dinghy from moving at all
  11. seadaddler

    Dinghy swing

    I trow ratcheting straps on each bow and stern of dinghy around Davits struts and tighten and dinghy does not move this way works real good no chaffing with padding on Davits up rights.
  12. seadaddler

    Hunter 41DS engine room blower replacement

    Been running blower for years any time motoring and helps remove heat and smell from heat.
  13. seadaddler

    Dinghy swing

    I have bars parallel to each Davits like left to right and I have ratchet straps go around dinghy and the strut barts so that the dinghy is strapped to those bars and have felt protection wrapped around the vertical part of protection to keep from chafing. Works great.
  14. seadaddler

    handheld VHf?

    I got all my vhf from gps store have had good results standard horizon
  15. seadaddler

    Solar on H38 - How much do you have?

    I have solar and FP 4200 and telling you you need to run that Gen it is not good to not use it I run it before going to bed top off batteries and charge anything needs charging but use it often with a load even if only for a hour and it will stay good
  16. seadaddler

    Starter Battery Charging Issue on 2005 Hunter 36

    I never had good luck with my inverter charge charging my start battery I added one of those Blue Seas ACR charges which charges start battery when house bank is charged and works great Start battery is always charged.
  17. seadaddler

    Dinghy protector

    Well got a new dinghy and thinking while it is new to add some protection and I plan on making Chaps so may not need any other protection. Nick
  18. seadaddler

    Shower sump probs

    On the newer 36 there is about 6” of depth under grate and a pump under steps that pumps over board no problem and yes strainer before pump been working since 07
  19. seadaddler

    Dinghy protector

    Do you put any kind of a clear protection to help from getting dirty or from the sun on Hypalon like maybe 303
  20. seadaddler

    Trying to find the location of Primary Fuel Filter and Y-valve on 2005 H36

    No Y value on most Hunter and look on breaker panel look for macerator breaker and toggle switch to turn on macerator and look in port stern locker for macerator thru hull. Look under bed is where my Racor witch I moved over water muffler. But my H-36 was built very end of 06