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  1. sail sfbay

    Using Google Earth to Scope Out a Marina Fairway Clearance

    Ever use google earth to scope out a berthing spot for at a new marina? I frequently do for my 50 ft boat to make sure I have enough room to maneuver. Tomorrow we will go to Schoonmaker Point Marina in Sausalito, California for a couple of nights to new guest slip on A dock vs. a side tie on...
  2. sail sfbay

    Waste System Diagram

    New older boat to me has a complex waste system with 2 toilets, Raritan Electroscan system and multiple discharge line-up options from each toilet: 1) overboard, 2) holding tank, 3) Electroscan then overboard OR 4) holding tank to macerator pump then overboard. In an effort to understand the...
  3. sail sfbay

    Do You Have a Safety Gear Diagram on Your Boat?

    I have tabulated the boat's safety gear in Word. Now I am planning to prepare a diagram in either Visio, Paint or Excel and locker labels describing what safety gear can be found in each location for myself and crew. Does anyone have one to share and what additional safety gear should be added...
  4. sail sfbay

    Lookout for Abandoned Piers

    I just met a first-time sailor who purchased his first sailboat, an Island Trader Ketch 41, in Canada.......retiree with a bucket list? He then sailed over 800 miles from Canada to the San Francisco Bay through rough weather and seas without incident over 3 months, sailing in selected weather...
  5. sail sfbay

    Another Portable Generator Thread

    Anyone use / have a dual fuel or propane generator/inverter?
  6. sail sfbay

    New Toilet Advise - Want to Get it Right

    I know this has been discussed plenty of time is the past, so apologize for this potentially duplicate thread. Plan to replace 2 Jabsco electric toilets with raw water flush with new ones with fresh water flush. I really want to get this right so appreciate the forum's recommendation. I have...
  7. sail sfbay

    Bow Water Ballast

    Ever seen a sailboat like this? Came across this boat in Port San Luis, California in the middle of the California coast just north of Pismo Beach. Owner told me it is a fishing boat with a full keel, sails and bow water ballast for stabilization when heading into waves.
  8. sail sfbay

    How Many Galvanic Isolators

    New 1984 boat to me has two (2) 30 amp and one (1) 50 amp shore power connections and NO galvanic isolator or isolation transformer. Planning to install one (1) 60 amp galvanic isolator (vs. isolation transformer due to lower cost, size and weight and no noise) on the "common" power line from...
  9. sail sfbay

    Covid-19 Vaccination

    Just when I was thinking we (wife is 70 and I am turning 70 in March) were NOT going to get a vaccination for a long while, my wife just scheduled an appointment for both of us on February 1st for the first shot at a county vaccination clinic in Vallejo, California. Yahoo!! They then schedule...
  10. sail sfbay

    Removing Vinyl Decals from Hypalon Inflatable Dinghy

    I am in the process of removing the dinghy name, registration numbers and state sticker from both sides of a newly acquired hypalon rib inflatable dinghy . I am having some success with two adhesive removers - Debond MF12 Marine Formula Aerosol ($41) and AlbaChem Vinyl Letter Remover (VLR)...
  11. sail sfbay

    Battery Sizing

    Boat has ten (10) 6 volt 220 Ah flooded house batteries that are nearing end-of-life and plan to replace them with 6 volt for low weight (66 lbs each) and AGM for ease of maintenance. I only want to install the minimum number of batteries that can support 9 hour trips between ports for...
  12. sail sfbay

    Companionway Door Lock

    The 15-year old original Perko turning knob would not latch the companionway doors and the entire latch was showing signs of corrosion so replaced it. Now the turning knob latches the door, looks refreshing and Perko supplied me 2 additional keys with the original 2 keys. What a difference.
  13. sail sfbay

    AIS Overlay Finally Installed on Chartplotters

    Finally installed AIS from Standard Horizon GX2200 VHF to Raymarine E80 at the navstation and E120 at the helm for coastal cruising.
  14. sail sfbay

    New Furling Main Sail

    After 15 years planning to purchase a new furling main and head sail for my Hunter 46. In the past I purchased dacron cross cut sails. What would the forum recommend (tri-radial?) for cruising in the SF Bay and down/up the CA coast?
  15. sail sfbay

    Steering Wheel Cover

    Has anyone installed a leather cover on a your steering wheel and low long did it take you? I purchased a new suede steering wheel cover from in May but hesitated to install it as I was overwhelmed with the number of stitches it would require. This week I finally committed and...
  16. sail sfbay

    Hunter 46 AC Raw Water Pickup

    Boat does not have AC raw water pick up thru hull #8. Can the forward head raw water pick up thru hull #7 be used with a tee and separate valves to the AC and head, until the boat is hauled for its next bottom painting during which time I can have a dedicated AC raw water thru hull installed...
  17. sail sfbay

    Tired Cowl Vents?

    Got tired cowl vents? What did you do to restore or replace yours? Below is what my PVC cowls looked like after just 16 months so rather than paint or replace them In-kind I went with these reasonable Buchan Marine 4" oval stainless cowl vents. They came with 6 screw hole deck plate that had...
  18. sail sfbay

    Anchor Locker Does Not Drain

    The anchor locker on my 2005 Hunter 46 leaves standing water below the through hull drains on each side of the boat. The photo on the left shows no standing water (the floor slopes to the bow) whereas the photo on the right show standing water below the through hull drain, located 1" above the...
  19. sail sfbay

    Lighter Side of Sheltering in Place

    Since there was a thread on the lighter side of social distancing thought I would start one on sheltering in place...................maybe some of the forum will relate to these witticisms. Even rver's have a sense of humor!!
  20. sail sfbay

    Potable Water City Water Quick Disconnect

    Started hooking up our potable water hose to the boat's pressurized water connection that bypasses the potable water pump. Got tired of the time and effort to make it leak tight with channel lock pliers. Just installed quick disconnect hose fitting. Problem solved and saves time to connect and...