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    Well I think they are cool

    Well I think they are cool, anyone sailed on one?
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    Inline fuse holders

    What do we think of these? My GPS didn't work today, took apart the fuse holder fuse was all corroded roughed it all up a bit, put grease on it and back together GPS works? These holders look like something from a car, not sealed or anything. Is grease the correct mitigation strategy? wrap...
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    Engine Stop location

    Well it looks like the problem with my diesel was an always "ON" engine stop cable. I have a new cable from Yanmar it is 10ft long. The previous cable ran to the engine control panel in the 1/4 berth, is this a good location? With the new longer cable I could put the stop by the throttle...
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    Diesel woes

    What is going on? My Yanmar 1GM10 starts poorly and runs but makes no power for about 5 minutes, after which revs come up and I can motor. Is this air getting into the injection system? I basically ignore the motor until something bad happens, this is annoying and getting to the point where I...
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    Fitzgerald report

    Navy has released a report on the McCain and Fitzgerald collisions. Interesting to note that the track they publish...
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    Navy and AIS?

    With the spate of recent unfortunate incidents I wonder. Does the Navy monitor AIS? I understand they may not want to broadcast on AIS, but a $1k Raymarine setup would likely have saved $3B of embarrassment and 17 lives. USS Porter, USS Fitzgerald and now the McCain. In all cases the other...
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    Standard Horizon GX6500 availability

    This thing looks like the bomb. Anyone know when were it will be available. Looks like you can get it in Canada would that work/be legal
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    Thinking of getting one of these. What should I look out for?
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    SHTP Single handed Transpac started yesterday at noon, link to a tracker. Looks like the slower boats got trapped when the wind died at the Farallones, and the faster boats have managed to break through to wind further out.
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    MMSI ? lost radio

    Well I was sailing along out by the Farallone Islands grooving on the new situational awareness that my remote mic provided, happiness. Couldn't last of course, sadly my beloved Standard Horizon HX851 bounced out of my pocket and into the drink. Retrieval was deemed impossible as I was in...
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    PLB w GPS time delay

    So I am thinking of getting a PLB with integrated GPS, I am interested in the ACR 375+ model. This is a 406MHZ model with integrated GPS. So in principle it broadcasts your exact location. So rescue odds are improved However, reading the manual it seems that this isn't quite so. Looks like...
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    ample power?

    Alternator seems to have stopped working. Looks like the field winding is open. I think the alternator is from Amplepower. My question is can anybody rebuild this?