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  1. Tally Ho

    OJ Flex Gland

    Has anyone used one of these dripless seals from Johnson? Or heard anything good or bad about them? i am considering a Volvo rubber stuffing box, but this looks interesting. I was told it …”uses a patented seal race inner bearing seal system.” the wide end has the seal, and the narrow...
  2. Tally Ho

    Enlarging hole in hull?

    I am assembling parts to replace all of the above-the-waterline thru-hulls on my 1988 O’Day 322. The original white plastic one are brittle and ready for replacement. I have 4 different hose sizes and 4 different “hole” sizes in the hull. Despite my best attempts to verify the diameter of the...
  3. Tally Ho

    Don’t ignore above-the-water-line thru hulls!

    I have been meaning to tackle this job for a while (6 years since a surveyor mentioned it on my pre-purchase survey). The small one on the right is the drain from the propane locker. It came out intact. The one on the left is for the bilge pump hose,.. the head broke off :yikes: when I was...
  4. Tally Ho

    New Download - Oday 322 Owners Manual

    Hello everyone. I scanned a copy of my O'Day 322 owners manual and had Phil post it to the ODay 322 downloads section. I redacted the original owner info (name and home address) by sticking a photo of my boat's...
  5. Tally Ho

    O’Day 322 backing plates

    I was working on a few things today on my 1988 O’Day raised a few questions: 1) Did the O’Day 322 come with mid-ship cleats? My boat has them, but they are on a base to raise them above the aluminum toe rail. I wonder if they are original or if one of the PO’s added them. 2) In the...
  6. Tally Ho

    Does this make ANY sense?

    My battery charger is wired into a breaker on my power panel (as most are). I was thinking that I could instead wire an outlet into that breaker outlet near the charger), and wire a plug on charger power cord. That way, When I am at the dock and on shore power, I just have the charger plugged...
  7. Tally Ho

    Remote start on Yanmar 2GM20?

    I bought a remote starter switch that I hope will allow me to start the engine from my engine room when I am ready to winterize the engine. I usually have someone help me, but wanted to see if I can remote start the engine from the engine room. Does anyone know how/where to hook up the 2...
  8. Tally Ho

    O’Day 322 space

    Has anyone opened up this seemingly wasted space on their O’Day 322 ? I assume that the bow is still sealed off if I cut the front of this space out to open it up for storage...there doesn’t seem to be any other way in to that space. Greg
  9. Tally Ho

    O’Day 322 core

    I pulled my salon hatch today to rebed it (work day instead of sail day today :-(. Here is what the composite sandwich looks: You can see the top layer of gel coat and fiberglass, then a layer of some sort of foam in the middle and then the bottom layer of glass gel coat (or whatever...
  10. Tally Ho

    Cranker drill attachement

    My Admiral bought me a great Milwaukee right-angle drill for Christmas and a “Cranker” bit, which fits in a winch. I used it for the first few times recently, and it is seemed like a pretty good set up. Raised the mainsail no problem. Then I tried to use it to crank my 200 pounds up the...
  11. Tally Ho

    First sailboat in....

    There are a few powerboats in the marina, but I was the first sailboat. Launched today in a stiff north breeze and 50 degree temps. But it sure felt good to get some water under the old girl.
  12. Tally Ho

    Water tanks and LED’s

    I pulled the port side water tank out over the winter to fix a leaky fitting in the tank, and installed an access port. I also replaced some of the incandescent bulbs in the cabin dome lights to LED’s. Greg
  13. Tally Ho

    Ah....Fall sailing on Lake Michigan !

    Here is some footage (sorry about the wind noise....20+ knots of wind makes a lot of racket). Solo sail on my O'Day 322, 6 foot waves and lots of fun ! Greg
  14. Tally Ho

    She was promoted...

    My wife does not really share my passion for sailing, but she will go out on a nice day (light winds, lots of sun, and flat water). We sail on the south end of Lake Michigan. She really does not like to heel, and she is generally no help docking. But today she helped cast off a line, hung in...
  15. Tally Ho

    Spinnaker halyard roller

    My O'Day 322 has a roller at the front top of the mast for the spinnaker halyard. The roller seems "frozen" and doesn't turn freely. It looks like a bow anchor roller, but I am not sure of the size. Does anyone know what O'Day used for that roller? Would like to order 1 and have it ready...
  16. Tally Ho

    Lowrance Link-8 microphone

    The mic on my Link-8 seems to flaking out and won't transmit when I key the mic. Does anyone know if you can buy a replacement mic and if it can be user-replaced? If so, source and part number? I emailed Lowrance, but haven't gotten an answer. Thanks, Greg
  17. Tally Ho

    O'Day gray hull

    I bought my O'Day 322 3 years ago, and have not done much to the hull except wash it off before launching. We put a canvas cover on the boat over the winter, and the ropes holding it down rubbed on the hull, leaving streaks. When I looked at it closely this spring, it looked like the ropes...
  18. Tally Ho

    Anyone modify one of these....

    ...generators to hook up to a 30-amp shore power cord to a boat? I am considering buying a generator to be able to run some power tools, etc at the boat yard...
  19. Tally Ho

    Yamnar Engine mount rubber parts

    Does anyone know if the rubber parts of one of these Yanmar engine mounts can be purchased? or is a matter of replacing the mount completely? Does Yanmar still sell this type of mount?
  20. Tally Ho

    Got resolutions?

    Hey Phil, Hope an upgrade to that shows what threads have photos attached. I think the old site had some sort of indicator....I miss that in the new site. Love the forum. But I am a visual sort of guy. I can (almost always) count on "Boat Babe on Strike" to have photos...