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  1. Sunbird22358

    I spotted a listing on eBay for a guy who is parting out a 1988 272.

    Removed to avoid violation of posting items for sale.
  2. Sunbird22358

    222 for sale

    I spotted this ad while brousing Craig's-List, sad to see... but, if anyone is looking for a great 222, we all know that Joe took great care of her and added many upgrades. I have no involvement or interest in this ad, just posting it as a tribute to our old friend Joe. The contact person is...
  3. Sunbird22358

    SUNBIRD's afterdeck

    A few questions on the post about Javelin centerbord issues, concerning my added stern deck, gave me the urge to start this new post. The afterdeck on my DS II gives me some covered (but still open to the cockpit footwell) stowage, allowing a good place to keep my 3-gallon gas tank. It also gave...
  4. Sunbird22358

    CAL 21 info

    OK, pictures of Cabin interior and Keel well cover. I've included a pic from the sales brochure, a copy of another brochure, and then pics of NODROG's interior (including 2 from the day we took delivery in March 1970, I've grown up a bit since then, as has my sister!), plus 2 pics of the...
  5. Sunbird22358

    Johnson/Evinrude 1993-95 9.9/15

    Reading about an O'DAY 25 owner's problems as he commisioned his Diesel brought to mind a problem that we had this past week with the 1993 JOHNSON 9.9hp outboard on our little powerboat. It should serve as a warning to anyone the has a 1993-95 model 9.9 or 15 (2-stroke) outboard on their boat...
  6. Sunbird22358

    1969 O'DAY Dealers

    A thread about where to launch on Cape Cod got me thinking about this list of O'DAY Dealers that I found in the 1969 YACHTING Magazine. Wonder how many of these places are still around? O'DAY is long gone (except for D&R Marine) but how many of the old Dealers still exist? I know the following...
  7. Sunbird22358

    CAL 21 help offered

    Seeing that no posts have appeared in a long time, I figured I'd start a new one! If there are any new CAL 21 sailers that might wish to seek the advice of a former CAL 21 owner, or any present owners that want to compare notes/chat.... let me know. We had our CAL 21 for 38 years and I kept a...
  8. Sunbird22358

    Bow Roller for O'DAY 39/40

    If there are any owners of O'DAY 39s or 40s that would be interested in a brand-new stainless-steel anchor roller with built-in bow chocks, I was down visiting Rudy at D&R Marine last Saturday and he has one. It had been ordered by the owner of a 40 (I think?) many years ago and never installed...