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  1. Dave Groshong

    Tiller Tamers for 1965 Widgeon

    I'm guessing the original tiller extension was just a stick, with a hinge on it, that boat doesn't really need a tamer.
  2. Dave Groshong

    2004 Hunter 41 Seldon Rodkicker fix

    The "guts" were an option for the boat, there should be serial numbers on both tubes, parts are still available. There's also a long, hand etched number on the underneath side of the boom, near the mast
  3. Dave Groshong

    Deck paint for a Hunter 380

    I love KiwiGrip, easy to use, non toxic
  4. Dave Groshong

    What is this?

    I think it is a Lightning too
  5. Dave Groshong


    We sell the little one:
  6. Dave Groshong

    79 Hunter 30 - What make of roller furler is this?

    I will beat any price on Harken or CDI furlers, that one is well past life expectancy.
  7. Dave Groshong

    Hunter passage 42 forward window

    Do you still have the old piece, intact?
  8. Dave Groshong

    propeller selection, and shifting

    All I know for sure is we've sold hundreds of LH propellers for Hunter boats over the last 24 years and about 1 RH.
  9. Dave Groshong

    20 or 25 shaft length outboard sailboat outboard?

    Open ocean, the longer the better, 25 inch. In a rough or choppy sea state you don't want the prop coming out of the water, 20hp is way overkill for that boat, 9.9 should be plenty IMHO
  10. Dave Groshong

    propeller selection, and shifting

    Pushing down, or forward seems normal to me, to go into FWD. Most all Hunter boats have LH props, but back in the day there were some Righties. Is the boat out of the water?
  11. Dave Groshong

    Looking for a swing keel - Found

    They weigh #500, should be plenty in salvage yards in S. Florida, and abandoned in people's backyards.
  12. Dave Groshong

    Hunter 146 - Trying to figure out what goes here

    Bow cover batten sockets:
  13. Dave Groshong

    Will 3/8" Sta-Set X be a good replacement?

    Sta-Set X is really wiry, I personally don't like it, too stiff and hard to work with. Samson MLX3 is a reasonably priced Dyneema performance line, 10mm, sold by the foot, haha, only in the USA!
  14. Dave Groshong

    O'DAY Widgeon Manual

    I'm not sure if it is any good, but here's a link:
  15. Dave Groshong

    Shroud on deck

    It must have been loose, those T-ball fittings normally wouldn't fall out if under proper tension.
  16. Dave Groshong

    How upset/concerned should I be that some of my large portlights are screwed in?

    Dow Corning 795 is the sealant you want, screws are no longer required:
  17. Dave Groshong

    Adventures in anchoring

    My sure fire technique was to only pull the anchor early early in the morning when it was dead calm.
  18. Dave Groshong

    Time to tighten main furler?

    Check the halyard tension, Selden furling masts only work well with proper halyard tension, Dyneema line recommended.
  19. Dave Groshong

    Boom Vang placement on an O’day mariner

    We offer boom bails and mast hounds, but hopefully the manual addresses that specifically, here is a link to a website that sells the manuals for ODays
  20. Dave Groshong

    Hunter 212 Spinnaker’s

    Our owner, AL, is working on this, should be early next week.