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    Stop Control Cable on First 35S5

    I'm looking for information on how to access the stop Control cable on a Beneteau First 35S5 so I can replace the cable.
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    Aft Starboard Vent cover

    Hello All, any suggestions on where I can find a replacement vent cover for the Aft Starboard vent pipe?
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    Shore Power set up

    Hello All, I have 1989 Beneteau First 35S5, I'm looking for information on running shore power it is not listed in my manual and was wondering if there is a detailed description of the procedure when going from battery power to shore power.
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    Spinnaker topping lift

    Looking for information on setting up the spinnaker topping lift, pictures or manual would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    35S5 Main sail and Jib rigging

    I'm looking for information on the correct rigging set up for the Main and Jib for a 1989 First 35S5. Thanks
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    Pearson Flyer Parts for sale

    New Fiberglass Rudder Mast, Boom, Spinnaker pole, Main Sail Canvas Cover email for more details
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    Turnbuckle needed

    I'm in need of a turnbuckle for a 1989 Beneeau 35S5 please let me know if you have any information on where I can locate one. Thank You