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  1. Buzzlovelace

    keelbolt maintenance

  2. Buzzlovelace

    cant lift my Tohatsu 9.8 hp

    Just bought a 1975 C27 knowing the motor couldnt be raised fully. Not sure on the best course of action. I dont have a trailer so doing maintinance out of the water is not possible. Options that come to mind are closing off the well and adding a lift bracket. Or trying to fit the lift into tbe...
  3. Buzzlovelace

    Keelbolt maintenance

    My keel bolts on my 1975 C-27 are rusted but intact what can i put on them to protect from further corrosion. Lanocote? Thanks
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    Cat 27 Stainless steel keel bolts

    What year did Catalina 27 start using the stainless steel keel bolts Thanks
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    1979 San Juan Bilge question ?

    I'm getting interested in a SJ 28. There's a pic of the bilge and there is no bilge pump or any holes, electrical or tubing for that matter. Just keel bolts. Can anyone give me insight on this. I am 1,000 miles from the boat until I move up to WA. THANKS Buzz
  6. Buzzlovelace

    Lost power to all my guages !

    I lost power to all my guages ! temp, fuel and tac. idiot lights all at once I believe, Motor still starts and runs fine. Hoping to get some ideas on things to check before I call and electrician. Buzz Lovelace 79 Newport 30 Volvo Penta diesel MD7A Thanks
  7. Buzzlovelace

    Newport Mk2 Dinette Conversion Issues

    Hello, I just purchased a 1979 MKII and when we went to drop the dinette table we found that the area notched out for the table was not aligned on both sides. when the table lined up on the stern side the Bow side was not lining up and was not on the same plane. For the table not to rock it...
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    Anti Fouling splash time concerns

    I painted my boat, With Zspar 30 days before putting it in the water Are there any consequences I can expect from oxidation Thanks Buzz in Calif
  9. Buzzlovelace

    Quieting Engine Noise

    Good morning, I would appreciate any prroduct info to cut down on noise in my engine comartmeny,at a reasonable price. And how important is it to be fire retardant with a deisel engine Thanks. ,Buzz "RESTLESS WIND"
  10. Buzzlovelace

    1979 Newport MKII Cockpit drains

    Hello All, Can anyone tell me why the forward cockpit drains go directly to through hulls below the water line? The aft ones exit through the transom. What are the physiics here? Thanks, Buzz the new owner of the Restless Wind
  11. Buzzlovelace

    3/4" prop shaft on my 27"

    While doing the bottom paint on my 1971 Catalina I discovered a hairline crack in the prop strut. Turns out it has 3/4" prop shaft. The Engine is the original Albin 022. It's an Oldie but a goodie Hull # 15. Any way I can get a prop strut from Catalina but not with the 3/4 cutlass bearing. Has...
  12. Buzzlovelace

    Early prop shaft packing gland info PLEASE

    Hello, I am hauling my early 27' (Hull #15) out for bottom paint and figured its a good time to replace my stuffing box. To my surprise the shaft is 3/4". I expected an inch. What I am asking, doe anyone know the log size? I am hoping to have all the parts on site when I haul it out. The threads...
  13. Buzzlovelace

    How much bottom paint on my older 27'

    Good Morning, I am sure one of you can tell me if one gallon on Zspar B90 will do the job on my 27', At $244 a gal I'd like to know if I can save the cost of anotheer Gal. Also If you have a recommendation for another paint to use in the So Cal area, Id like to hear it Thanks Buzz "The...
  14. Buzzlovelace

    1971 Catalina 27 Repower

    Hello Everyone, I've decided to repower, I currently have terminal carburetor issues with the Albin 022 she came equipped with. I would like suggestions of what engines, gas or diesel, will definitely fit my boat. Please include model numbers Thanks Buzz Lovelace The Vital Spark Channel Is CA
  15. Buzzlovelace

    Yanmar model number 3GM30F

    Does any one know if a Yanmar model number 3GM30F will fit into a older Catalina 27' (1971) Thanks Buzz, "Vital Spark" Channel Is. CA
  16. Buzzlovelace

    Albin/Solex parts wanted

    Hello Everyone, I know this may be a stretch, but do any of you have a Solex 26 VBN carburetor that goes on a 71 Albin 022 gas engine. Thanks
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    Volvo MD2

    Will a Volvo MD2 fit into my 71' Catalina 27
  18. Buzzlovelace

    Need Engine for my 27"

    Any help is good help. I need to repower my 1971 27' . I am runniing the Original Albin 022. My problems with it are, that it's rough shifting into reverse and I am getting gas flowing out of the carbureteor when it cranks too long, I have rebuillt the carb but seems like even more gas than...
  19. Buzzlovelace

    Boom Bail

    Good day!, I am converting my Mainsheet Traveler, on my 27', to mid cabin with aquired parts. Now it's time for the boom bail and I am readining that I should throughbolt with a compression sleeve. I need help in two areas. 1 Most bails I see out there may or may not come with a throughbolt...
  20. Buzzlovelace

    Schaefer Snap Furl

    For a catalina 27 Yes , No , Mabey So ???? Anyone have one? How do you like it?