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  1. sroberts

    Adding deck connector for mast wiring

    To add mast lights on my Capri 22 Mk1 I'm planning to drill a hole approximately at the red line, angled in order to miss the hatch hinge; the wire will be routed down through the support post. Does the thick mast support area contain only wood and fiberglass, or should I expect to drill...
  2. sroberts

    Trade Symmetrical Spinner for Asym

    Hi Capri 22 Owners - Does anyone have a symmetrical spinnaker they'd like to trade for an asymmetrical? In exchange for helping with a boat, the owner gave me what he thought was a symmetrical but it turned out not to be. It is red with a centered black square, in good shape. I already have...
  3. sroberts

    Replacement traveler end cap, '85 CP-22

    The port side end cap that secures the line on my traveler broke beyond repair, the starboard side is shown below. Anyone know where I can get a replacement, or have ideas on how to fashion one? I may try to make a pair out of hardwood if I can't find the part. I'm not interested in spending...
  4. sroberts

    Capri 22 Docs available for download

    I added Gin Pole for Mast Stepping - C22 and Capri 22 (176 Kb) in the Capri 22 download area. I built the Gin Pole recently and it worked great to take down my mast for the first time in 5 years. The Capri 22 Class Intro Pkg - Rey Newman - 2003 (5,141 Kb) is a must-read with a lot of useful...
  5. sroberts

    Deck hole cover/cap?

    I'd like to replace my hatch-top sheet grabber with a flush cap or small plate, yet I've not been able to find such a thing. Suggestions on what I could use? I'd rather not fill with epoxy as I won't be able to match the non-skid. Thanks, Steve
  6. sroberts

    Capri 22 110 Jib?

    Capri 22 Owners - Is this sail the correct shape for the standard 110 jib? It seems to me the clew is too high, I would expect the clew to be close to the cabin top. Also it appears to be greater than 110%. Does anyone have a photo of a standard 110, like the one from Catalina Direct...
  7. sroberts

    CP22 - Rigging the Asymmetrical Spinnaker for gybing

    It was a beautiful January day on Lake Keowee for some one-handed asym spinnaker practice. If only I could figure out how to gybe!