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  1. Hayden Watson

    Bare lead keel prep

    The fairing compound on my lead keep has debonded from the lead and will need to be redone. I also have some areas lower on the keel where the lead was exposed when I was scraping the bottom paint. What do you need to do to to bare lead before you lay on fiberglass or epoxy, fairing compound...
  2. Hayden Watson

    How wide is serpentine pulley for alternator.

    I am looking to get a serpentine kit for my C30 with an M25XP. It has the 3-bolt front flywheel so the crank pully can be bolted inot place. I currently have a double groove pulley mounted but cannot find a double pulling for the crank and water pump. I have at least 2" of clearance from the...
  3. Hayden Watson

    Brand new EV-100 Wheel pilot with "NO DRIVE DETECTED" error.

    Well my new EV-100 wheel pilot worked great for about 1½ hours. Then I turned it to standby and back to auto and got an error "NO DRIVE DETECTED". The manual said that error was due to a bad connection between the ECU and drive but the wire is very well protected and nothing was in that area in...
  4. Hayden Watson

    tachometer not accurate

    My tachometer Seems to hunt around even though the engine RPM's are not changing. What is the cause of this and what is the best way to trouble shoot it?
  5. Hayden Watson

    My new EchoMap UHD is a ULD (ULTRA LOW DEFINITION)

    I just installed a new Garmin EchoMap UHD but the sounder return is a ULD (ULTRA LOW DEFINITION). I even tried just lashing the transducer to a stick and submerging it a foot away from the boat and it was still terrible. I used to get more info from a flasher than this gives. It seems to read...
  6. Hayden Watson

    There is a Magnetometer on your phone (who knew!)

    I found a cool free app that should help locate the sensor. It is Gemeco iNstall. It turns your phone into a Magnetometer which measures local deviation. After you fire up the app, you can move it around and see how much deviation there is at any location. It is amazing to see it go from 2º...
  7. Hayden Watson

    Shorten the transducer wire from the Garmin G-wind masthead sensor

    Is is ok to cut the transducer wire from the Garmin G-wind masthead sensor to a more appropriate length? The wire is 85' long and with my 42' mast and the path to the GND10 I have about 20' left over. Do I cut it or coil the excess? I have heard that some transducers you should not make any...
  8. Hayden Watson

    garmin NMEA 2000 backbone and Ray EV100 wheel pilot

    Anyone running Garmin plotter and G-wind with a Raymarine EV100 wheel pilot. I would like to here how and where you transition between the NMEA2000 and Seatalk NG.
  9. Hayden Watson

    Replacing frameless acrylic fixed ports

    I finally got around to replacing the lenses in the fixed portlights in my 88 C30. In the originals, the lens was held in place with screws around the perimeter but I used VHB tape and Dow 795. Here are some photos. The three vertical strips of white tape form a hinge to allow the lens to be...
  10. Hayden Watson

    remove siezed motor mount bolt

    I am replacing the motor mounts on my Universal M25XP and the port rear post is stuck in the hole. I had no problem removing any of the lag screws into the engine bed. All of the nuts on the 5/8" studs came loose top and bottom without problems. I used a hoist to raise the engine and 3 of the...
  11. Hayden Watson

    Kill switch required for all boats under 26'

    I saw this today and wonder how many sailors on boats under 26' use a kill switch? kill switch requirement
  12. Hayden Watson

    Random orbital buffer

    I have been seeing a lot of adds for random orbital buffers. I have a 6" variable speed soft-start rotary buffer that works pretty well. What are the pro's and con's for the random orbital over a rotary buffer for work on gelcoat and paint?
  13. Hayden Watson

    Serpentine kit for Ample Power alternator

    I have an Ample Power 105A alternator on my M25XP with the stock 3/8" v-belt and I would like to upgrade the belt to serpentine with the 48-USP-M25 Balmar kit. Anyone know if the alternator pully in this kit will work on my Amply Power or will I need to get a different pulley?
  14. Hayden Watson

    Free Hood 810 for 43'-8" forestay

    I replaced my roller furler and have the old Hood 810 complete if anyone wants it. It is fully functional and available in NW Washington state.
  15. Hayden Watson

    Can I list a free boat bit that I am giving away?

    If I have a complete fully functional boat bit such as foresail handling gear that I have removed from my boat, can I list it as free to a new home in the forums of can it only be listed in the classified section? It is still a perfectly lovable piece of gear and just because I no longer love...
  16. Hayden Watson

    What hose to use for black tank vents.

    I am replacing the vent and hose on my boat and the old vent is just reinforce nylon. Given all of the choices available is this the correct hose for this application?
  17. Hayden Watson

    Sealing pedistal grab bar base

    My Edson pedestal has a 1" grab bar that carries the wiring from an instrument pod down through the deck and I have not been able to seal it up. Any suggestions on how to stop the leak?
  18. Hayden Watson

    Loose footed main with Mid-boom sheeting

    I have a C30 that has 6:1 mid-boom sheeting with 3-attachement points for the main sheet to the boom which is lead to a 16ST winch. The original sail plan had a typical bolt-rope footed main sail. In this configuration, I assume that there there is some upward force applied to the boom by foot...
  19. Hayden Watson

    New dinghy for 2-hp honda

    Anyone know of a small dink that can plane with a 2-hp Honda with one or two adults aboard? My current dink is a 10'-6" Zodiac which was great when I cruised with my wife, teenaged daughter (and usually a friend) plus two Labradors. Anything smaller would have been unworkable. The daughter...
  20. Hayden Watson

    Halloween cruise

    Went for a very nice Halloween cruise. Late last Thursday evening, I looked at the weather and saw that it should be sunny till Tuesday. We threw together some food, clothing and grabbed the dingy and headed to the boat early afternoon on Friday. It was blowing a moderate to fresh gale...