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  1. Windy City

    Dacron Sails - What's the deal?

    I've been trying to sell a couple Fantastic Condition Dacron Head Sails for awhile with zero interest. Is everyone only looking for plastic sails now or are they afraid of what's wrong with practically new sails at half price? I'm serious. What's the deal?
  2. Windy City

    Capri 22's with Sliding Goosenecks

    Has anyone out there seen or have booms with sliding gooseneck? When did Catalina stop using them on Capri 22's? Any reason to not convert to fixed? Thanks, Jim
  3. Windy City

    New Sails Capri 22 Tall Rig

    Just brought home a Mark I Tall Rig to replace a Standard Rig. The tall rig does have some fairly decent older sails, but I also have a nearly new set of standard rig sails that are for sale in the classifieds. Before they get sold, I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts as to how well the...
  4. Windy City

    Catalina 30 Waterline

    Like allot of boats, my C-30 sits with the bow waterline about two inches out of the water. This also makes the mast look a little pulled back. Is there any performance improvement to filling the front H20 tank or other shifts of weight to get the boat on the factory waterline? Lazarette and...
  5. Windy City

    CDI Reefer II Cam Activator

    Anyone out there have a Cam Activator for the CDI Reefer II roller furler? This is a device that rides on the second track of the furler head foil to lock the jib at the head or unlock it to remove the sail. Reefer II's did not use the halyard to hold the sail up. Thanks, Jim
  6. Windy City

    Light Over Table Out

    Power to light over my dining table is intermittent. Anyone know where the wires exit the ceiling? I'm guessing the junction is flakey. Thanks, Jim