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  1. Brezzin

    Variprop Pitch Adjustment on a Yanmar 4jh4hte

    I have a Variprop 4 blade thats slightly over pitched (only gets to 2900 of a max 3200) I've run it this way for a couple of years but I'm beginning to think that I'm not doing myself any favors here. So I want to adjust accordingly. Now the Yanmar specs say the rotation is counter...
  2. Brezzin

    H49 engine stalls

    I’m frustrated with my Yanmar 4jh4hte. The engine runs great, however after running for 30 minutes or more and I lower the RPM to drop into neutral and then into gear, the engine will stall. I’ll put it into neutral to restart it then into gear and it will stall again. Picture the routine of...
  3. Brezzin

    Smartplug question

    Have a 250/125 electrical system and have installed a 50amp smart plug The cable carried 4 wires. Red black white and green. I hooked up the three wires as per the instructions. Black white and green. I'm getting power to the boat and hear a buzzing at the electrical panel but nothing is...
  4. Brezzin

    Clue on the main let go.

    To say the least I'm very disappointed in the Halsey UK sails. My main which is only in its seventh season and is put away each winter blew the clue Saturday in very light air. The cause best I can tell is the straps that hold the block (in mast furling) totally degraded from UV...
  5. Brezzin

    How to clean these gaskets

    The boat is a H49 which has two hatches in the transom. The gaskets which I believe are silicone have developed black spots. I have not been able to clean these spots off. Any ideas?
  6. Brezzin

    Replacement for Taylerbrite recessed lights?

    On the 49 the recessed lighting is made by Taylorbright. These are 6" lights and operate on a specific dimmer switch. I have been pretty underwhelmed by the quality of these lights having had a couple die on me even though the profess a 25,000 hour life span. They are expensive partly...
  7. Brezzin

    Design considerations of the 49 wing keel

    Glenn- Thanks for taking the time. I'd like to know your thoughts on the design of the wing keel for the 49. Do the wings have any other benefits other than ballast (such as lift)? And finally when comparing the wing keel to the fin keel, how much more drag does the wing keel generate...
  8. Brezzin

    Positioning of Tell tails on RF Main

    I've been sailing my Hunter 49 with Roller Furled Main now for two seasons and I am finding it pretty difficult to dial in the mainsail trim. Currently I have vertical battens and no tell tails on the sail. I want to put on some tell tails but I'm not sure of the positioning The question I...