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    Hunter 41DS vs 41AC

    Having owned a 41DS and never owned or sailed a 41 AC, one difference might be the winded surface on the boats. As there is less on the 41 AC, crosswinds may be less of an issue when docking. The added headroom on the DS was certainly wecome as I am 6' tall and when visiting a friends 41 AC, I...

    FP hose clamp failure

    My Fischer Panda Mini 12 generator shut down automatically when the exhaust manifold sensor reached 170 degrees. The FP panel also showed seawater temperature of 177 degrees incoming and 255 degrees outgoing. This was all caused by a hose clamp that corroded completely in half, letting seawater...

    Fuel Filter Replacement

    I'll bet that unless your fuel supply gets contaminated with algae, it will be good for 10+ years. I have owned my boat almost 6 years, and even after 2 trips by engine from NY to FL I have not changed the filter. The engine runs perfectly. I do however keep 2 spare filters on board.

    Replacement AC Unit / Reverse Cycle

    I bought a "replacement" Dometic unit for the main cabin a/c on my now sold Hunter 41DS. It was far from a drop in replacement. I had to install the unit 180 degrees backwards, as the fan outlet would not rotate to the correct position to meet the ductwork. Also the connection "box" for the...

    Replacement AC Unit / Reverse Cycle

    Denise030 what is your point?

    Replacement AC Unit / Reverse Cycle

    Webasto has a proprietary compressor. Dometic replacement from 2 years ago had a Panasonic compressor.

    Replacement AC Unit / Reverse Cycle

    Last month I replaced original Marvair 16K with Webasto Platinum 16K. Looked at other replacements included Dometic, but none are a direct replacement, nor do any match the 2 year warranty. I am always amazed how a product can rave about the high quality of their product, but fail to back it up...

    5200 or West Epoxy

    I have used 5200 for a similar repair. Was still holding fine after 8 years when I sold the boat.

    Sail Kote Saves the Day (again)

    DuPont Teflon Silicone Lubricant is dry. I use it on my sail slugs & track, works well. Have not noticed a white residue.

    Sail Kote Saves the Day (again)

    I use DuPont Teflon Silicone Lubricant. Does the same job, less expensive.

    Water in Cylinders

    Ran my engine at idle yesterday. Amount and force of water coming out of hull exhaust at 800 rpm would not support slow idle raw water issues.

    Fuel delivery issue

    Why not completely eliminate the existing fuel supply? Rig up a diesel fuel supply from a small 1 gallon can, a hose barb fitting and a length of hose. Hang the can above the engine, eliminate air in the hose and attach directly to the fuel injection pump. If the engine now starts, the problem...

    Sailboat wanted?

    Contact Joe at Preferred Yachts in St. Petersburg, FL. I pass really clean H45 that is for sale when going to my boat.

    Raymarine autopilot upgrade question

    Replaced older Raymarine autopilot with new "Evolution" system. Works well and was easy to install. Was able to continue to use old drive unit, control head and interfaces with old chartplotter.

    Need New Air Conditioning Water Pump

    1020 GPH, 1 16K & 2 6K. I think the Seaflow pump you ordered will be enough flow for the 2 units you have. If one of your 2 a/c units is larger then the other, you may want to partially restrict flow to the smaller unit to balance the needs of the units. I doubt this will be necessary. My 16K...

    Need New Air Conditioning Water Pump

    My boat has 3 a/c units attached to one pump, but the a/c water feed is from a separate, dedicated sea cock. A 3/4" hose runs from the sea cock to a strainer to the pump. I think you are losing prime because of the multiple connections for the a/c raw water supply.

    Need New Air Conditioning Water Pump

    I have had good luck with other Seaflow pumps. Appear to be well made and used to come with a 4 year warranty, which I think is now only 2 years on most products. I am surprised at burning out your Cal pump. My Dometic March pump started to leak at the back of the wet end, which could have sunk...

    Charging a NORCOLD SCQT 6406 with refrigerant

    80 percent of a/c or refrigeration problems are electrical. Before doing anything mechanical, all possible electrical faults should be eliminated. What makes you think the system need a recharge? Without knowing that the system is low on freon, just adding more is not the answer. From your...

    Alternator shutoff switch?

    DayDreamer 41, on my 2007 41DS the alternator was wired exactly as you describe. The big change Hunter made was removal of the ColeHersee solenoid to separate the house and start batteries and going to a "combiner" or "automatic charging relay". I can state categorically that the red 4 gauge...

    Cowl vents on MH40

    On my Hunter 50, the cowl vents utilize the forward portion of the spray hood as a sort of "dorade box". In almost 6 years of ownership, I have never used the covers and never had any water ingress.