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  1. silvercharlio

    A new key for E-TEC 60 HP engine.

    I appreciate your help . How can I recover my broken outboard E-TEC 60. key?
  2. silvercharlio

    Draggerboard rope 26M

    I request help to position the daggerboard rope 26M. I repair it and do not put attention in the size of the rope. Thanks for your comments and help.
  3. silvercharlio

    weak mast support wires

    I had an accident with my Mac 26M, pull a boat hull( was in a lift ) with my right wires mast support and needed replace the right-spreader tube. it was a gentle blow when I was docking with motor. After this, the mast support wires and the forestay are weak. Please help me to do the...
  4. silvercharlio

    Gulf ICW travel. From Brownsville to Carrabelle FL

    Help me to plan my Gulf ICW travel from Brownsville to Carrabelle Fl. My boat a 26m, travel only with the main sail and a 60 hp Evinrude. 2 crew, first time ICW travel. Plan travel 3 days a week, stop in a Marina and return to work and after 1 or 2 weeks return to the boat.(preliminary...
  5. silvercharlio

    Sailing with the Main only...

    season greetings to all...please let me know your experience sailing only with the main, your oppinion and Genoa is damage.....thank You very much.
  6. silvercharlio

    Rudder Damage. I appreciate help to repair.

    Rudder accident. Today I had a common accident in the ramp.(beginner sailor) Forget lifting ruders(some yards) . Please see the pictures. Tell me the best repair. I appreciate your opinion and recommendations.;):D
  7. silvercharlio

    Boating in Shallow waters-basic skills with the MacGregor26M

    Recommendations to navigate in shallow waters with Mac Gregor 26 M, I'm in the southern part of Texas in the Laguna Madre (Gulf of Mexico) waters between 7 and 10 feet and strong northerly winds. We have the ICW, but the problem is to reach the center of the channel. What is your experience and...
  8. silvercharlio

    Insurance for the investment: Boat and Trailer

    Good Health and Fair Winds to all Sailors. Please help me with your experience in your Boat and Trailer Insurance....special company, special planes, etc. I am a begginer...with a Mac Gregor 26M. I apreciate all your coments and sugestions.:) My area of sailing is South Texas The laguna Madre...
  9. silvercharlio

    Portable Toliet Recomend to Travel ICW. 2 peoples

    Wich portable toilet (WC) do you suggest for me to buy for my MacGregor 26. I will travel in the ICW (Intercoastal WaterWay) from Brownsville to Florida. Thanks for your help and suggestions. silvercharlio.