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  1. Brezzin

    Hunter 49 Table Drop

    Nope never removed the leaf. Can't imagine any reason to. Regarding the bench, It's usually out.
  2. Brezzin

    Hunter 49 Table Drop

    Silicone. Thats a very good idea. Thanks Art
  3. Brezzin

    Hunter 49 Table Drop

    I've dropped the table on many occasions. Never needed or used the short legs that that you can buy. Never had any issues. The table is very heavy so two people to drop is recommended
  4. Brezzin

    Hunter 490 - seeking advice re sailability / livability

    It’s a great boat for what your planning
  5. Brezzin

    hypalon or pvc?

    Is the fabric smooth (hypalon) or kind of waffly and rough (PVC)
  6. Brezzin


    I’ve got a Rocna 40kg (88#) on my bow with the OEM windless Which is a lewmar V2-3
  7. Brezzin

    Important notice re: Splendide Washer / Dryer combo

    I feel your pain. My washer pump went a couple of years ago. although getting the replacement pump and doing the actual repair was easy, getting access was the killer just like you described.
  8. Brezzin

    Docking Recommendations at or Near the Connecticut River Mouth

    All motion. The ferrys are the worst. The plus side is it’s a short sail to west harbor on fishers island which is a great place to anchor for the night.
  9. Brezzin

    Docking Recommendations at or Near the Connecticut River Mouth

    I crew on a boat out of the Thames YC for Wed night races. Nice place, good people, low cost moorings but I agree totally with RobG, not a place to spend the night on the boat.
  10. Brezzin

    Docking Recommendations at or Near the Connecticut River Mouth

    East Hadam is a beautiful town. Look into the brewers marinas in Essex. About six miles up from the mouth of the river. I would also look into places east of the river like New London or Mystic. East haddam is on the east side of the river and all the marinas are on the west side.
  11. Brezzin

    Grease for Variprop?

    You just spent how much on that prop? I know how much mine was. I don't think you should be penny pinching here or experimenting Pay the 59.00 and go in confidence that the prop will last
  12. Brezzin

    Light in GPS antenna flashing

    But the power to the plotter and the gps are two different things. Look at the GPS as a stand alone item that is simply lacking a screen to view the output. It's powered by a Seatalk connection, not the plotter. By turning off the plotter you simply are no longer displaying the data output...
  13. Brezzin

    Why the race to the bottom....?

    Every body wants 3 things when the buy something- Great quality Great Service Great Price Problem is you usually only get two of the three, some time less. The nice thing is you get to choose which two you get.
  14. Brezzin

    West Neck Harbor, Shelter Island

    I agree with the comment about registrations. I never put the sticker on the boat (it registered) and I got stopped right as I was leaving Dering harbor. 10 years and never an issue until then.
  15. Brezzin

    Fluxgate Compass

    I don't have a watermaker I actually had to move my compass because it was to close to that forward battery. Every time I used an electric winch, my autopilot did a "crazy ivan"
  16. Brezzin

    Fluxgate Compass

    It’s under the seat cushion under the saloon TV
  17. Brezzin


    The question I have is how Garmin will monetize this data? They have to payoff the purchase as well as operating expenses. Selling your email and boat card data would be one resource. As if I don't get enough junk emails and cell phone calls.
  18. Brezzin

    Selden Mast

    Lock the gear on the mast. It's there just to prevent what you discribed
  19. Brezzin

    Donations to Neptune:

    Most notable was an unopened 750ml bottle of Johnny walker black. Very sad day