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    Beneteau 331 era fuel pickup question

    Anyone know if Beneteau used a screen on the end of the fuel pickup line inside the tank? I had a slight issue idling recently and wanted to know if that was a potential spot to check.
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    Question about New Trojan Batteries

    This winter I installed two new Trojan T-1275 12v batts in parallel for my house bank. The boat's on the hard, but I have plugged into shore power on a couple of boat work days and run my Sterling ProCharge Ultra charger (with temperature sensor) to bring the new batts up to full charge. When I...
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    Alternator Wiring to Mystery Box on Beneteau

    I'm working on the charging wiring on my Bene 331 and while tracing the output of the Yanmar 3GM30F's alternator, I see that both wires from the alternator go to a little black Bosch cube maybe 1.5inches on a side. Two wires go out of the cube, one to the starter (presumably the ground), and...
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    Blasted engine water thru hull strainer

    My Beneteau has oblong strainer-type thru-hulls for the engine water and the dripless shaft seal. These appear to be brass or bronze and do not appear to be removable. In the attached picture the engine intake is on the left. I hate these things because they clog easily no matter how they are...
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    Voltage fluctuations when using ST4000+

    Our Garmin echoMap 50s chartplotter was occasionally shutting down, and when I finally noticed that it mostly happened when the autopilot (ST4000+) was engaged, I tested the GPS plug voltage and saw voltages in the 11s and even briefly 10s as the autopilot motor operated. I suspect having the...
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    331 Engine Cover/Steps

    The lower companionway steps/engine cover on our 331 must be pulled away and set aside to get to the engine. Yet while boat hunting this winter and looking at a few videos of other 331's, I saw that the lower step was hinged to the upper step. Any other 331 owners lack the hinges, and would...
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    Alado Furler

    I'm looking for firsthand experience, of any kind, with the Alado furler. I'm very cost sensitive right now and it looks like a decent option from what I've read. One concern I have is the behavior of that halyard alongside of the foil. Any noise or flogging? Other issues? Performance when...