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    Chain snubbers

    I am not well versed in using all chain anchor rode. So I've been researching chain snubbers. I find lots of different ways to do these, from two line systems making like a bridal, one line systems running down the chain. One line seems simpler, but looks to me like potentially more concerns...
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    Anchoring systems

    As I'm in the midst of rebuilding my entire anchoring system, I went to the ABYC Standard H40 "Anchoring, Mooring, and Strong Points". For my boat, I need to be using design loads of 4800 pounds. Nothing about this boat seemed to demand anything "unusual". But when I read the standard and...
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    What boat is this?

    Does anybody know what this boat is? Interesting keel. dj
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    Delightful decisions in New England coast

    So I'm faced with the delightful decision making process of when and where and how to sail the New England Coast from the North fork of Long Island with final destination Maine. I would love to get thoughts, suggestions and other advice on when, where, places to see, East Coast events not to...
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    Beautiful work!

    Just installed this on my new to me boat. Superb work by @Will Gilmore !!!
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    Cargo ship in the North Sea

    I've been watching this for a few days now. I figured someone would post about it here but I haven't seen anything so figured I'd post. There was a better video of the Norwegian Coast Guard rescuing the crew but I can't find it now, here's the best one I can find now...
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    Window films

    Has anybody ever put these films on their windows for UV protection? There are many companies making these... Here's a couple: or Thoughts? dj
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    Boat painting - DYI - Professionals-paints

    Paints and getting your boat painted - how to summarize my long list of questions to make a thread worth reading and responding to.... It's a bit of a dilemma... But I'll try my best. There are so many opinions on paints and painting; I find that the marine world seems to rely heavily on...
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    American Magic

    is back in the water! they are looking to sea trial it now. dj
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    Hatch insignia? Identify old hatches?

    Does anyone know this insignia is on a hatch? Is this an old Lemar hatch? Or is it something else? Anybody know? dj
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    ICW, December south to North

    I'm contemplating coming up the ICW from the Keys to somewhere much further north - exactly how far is yet to be determined but I'm thinking up to the Chesapeake Bay region, possibly a bit further north. My question has several parts: 1) What are the best guides currently for this trip? 2) How...
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    Grenada, West Indies to New York

    I am wondering what folks think about how one might take a sailboat from Granada - Clarkes Court Bay to be exact - to New York City? I was looking at Jimmy Cornell's book on World Cruising Routes and it's not exactly a listed route. Although from the routes listed it does look like there may be...
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    Data access and maintenance cruising

    This is coming from another thread where the subject was getting to far from the original posting. I'm exploring how best to store and maintain data, music, videos, movies, photos while cruising. My projected cruising grounds will take me to areas with sometimes limited but more often a...
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    It can buy me a boat

    Just saw this on youtube - I couldn't resist posting it here: dj
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    Lake Champlain Sailors?

    I sail on lake Champlain and after a conversation this past weekend that there are other sailors here also sailing this lovely lake, I thought I'd ask here if there is anyone on SBO sailing there? Might be fun getting together, meeting up, or whatever. Anyone here sailing on Champlain and...
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    Water tank replacement Hunter 39

    So I have the original aluminum water tank in my 1977 Cherubini Hunter 30. It has decided to begin leaking so it looks like time to replace it. This does not look like an easy job, as the tank appears to have been installed prior to the liner going in. I was searching the archives but did not...
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    Sunset last night

    I'm spending a couple weeks on the boat and have been trying to find some good pictures as Lake Champlain is really lovely. But none of the photos over the past few days seemed worth it, until the sunset last night. At least on my cell phone this one looks pretty decent. Let's see if I can...
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    Bottom paint over epoxy barrier coat

    I'm putting an epoxy barrier coat on my boat. The barrier coat is coming out really nicely, very smooth. I was wondering that when I go to paint the bottom paint over it if I should first sand it? Thoughts anyone? Sand the epoxy barrier coat then bottom paint? Or leave the excellent smooth...
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    Winch stress

    So as some may know from other threads on SBO, I'm in the process of rebuilding all the winches on my 1977 Cherubini Hunter 30. The two single speed winches on the mast went smoothly enough and are now both functioning perfectly. Then I've moved to my 2 two speed winches at the cockpit. Got some...
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    Just Launched

    So after spending last summer working on getting my 1977 Cherubini Hunter ready to go in the water after probably about 16 years sitting on the hard, she is launched and sailing! Here are two photos, first one launching (before the mast went on) and the second one in her slip several miles down...