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    Mast lighting "wiring" for easiest mast lowering

    I just downsized to a 20' boat to explore and need to figure out what I am going to do for a anchor light. My last boat was not a trailerable boat, so I never worried about bringing the mast down. What is the easiest but still safe and effective way of having an anchor light that meets coast...
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    Trailer and tire size question

    Hi all, I am looking to down size to a trailer size as my last post indicates. I am real interested in a 20' and it has a single axle with really small wheels and tires. I have read that long trips should have a double axle. Will this trip really limit my exploring to short local trips? If so...
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    1998 Hake Seaward Fox cat rigged?

    Anyone have any experience with the Seaward Fox cat rigged boats? Found one and really like it but can only find one owner review (which was good) online. Great looking boat and lots of room in the cabin for a 20' boat. I think this one will sell fast even though it seems way over priced at...
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    Set me straight on this "bluewater" talk

    I have been looking for my second boat for a while now. Am I the only one that struggles with the thought that humans have been crossing the 7 seas for thousands of years on anything they could find, but todays technology that costs a small fortune is said to not be capable of the task? I...
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    SJ24, more than just a racer?

    There are a couple of SJ24's for sale in my area. My son really wants to race but the wife and I like gunkholing. Is this boat capable of decent short term cruising (2-5 nights). I have also read reviews suggesting these boats may be a little unstable. This would be my second boat (first was a...
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    Would these items be deal breakers when buying a boat?

    This seems like a great buy on this boat. We have been on it and the interior is gorgeous and the outside needs some work. For the price it seems like a good buy, but I am not familiar with "black iron fuel tanks" and "box section Alaskan cedar mast". Are these things to avoid? Deal breakers...
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    Sailing near Kona HI

    Were heading to Kona next month and I have looked everywhere for a sailing adventure. The only sailing I can find seems to be a little motor sailing to go snorkeling or whale watching. I am looking to sail, not snorkel or whale watch. Anyone know of good day sailing outfit in this area?
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    Anyone have experience with Anastasia sailboats

    Anyone ever sailed on an Anastasia sailboat? There is a 32 here for sale and is gorgeous but I can't any info on how they sail.
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    Should I buy another boat or save for cruising???

    :confused: Should I buy another boat??? Hello fellow sailors. I respect and appreciate all of your opinions and have been helped so much by all of your advice. That is why I am asking for help with planning my cruising future. My wife and I will retire in 13 years with public/govt...
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    Bogs classic Ultra boots

    I just got an invite to crew this weekend for a winter race and I need gloves and boots. I noticed WM is carrying bogs Classic Ultra boots. I am hoping someone else has some experience with these. Winter sailing in the Pacific Northwest and this weekend is supposed to be around freezing and wet...
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    2005 Hunter 27

    So my 84 H27 is gone and I am looking at a 2005 Hunter 27. I looked at the new ones and they look exactly the same. In my experience, this is a good thing. My financial planning has us retiring in 13-15 years and work will not allow us to sail offshore. This boat I will move up to the Puget...
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    Plastic hatch painting?

    I am not sure if the sliding hatches over the companionway are plastic or fiberglass on my 1984 H27. Anyone paint these before? Looks like the PO tried, but there are major brush marks and they did an awful job.
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    1984 H27 stuffing box

    I have been tolerating this leaky box since I bought her a year and a half ago. Has anyone replaced the packing in their 27 that is of a larger size? I am 6'02" and 260. If its not realistic, I will pay someone else. I believe I could get it apart, but honestly don't see how I could repack it. I...
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    Anyone ever see anything like this?

    So I have had my 1984 Hunter 27 for a year and a half. Last week when I was getting ready to wash her I found a nice brush deep in cockpit locker. We used it and I started to notice it was leaving a chalky residue. Being first time boat owner, I thought this great brush was removing some of the...
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    Does an obsolete inboard scare you into selling your boat?

    So I was told the Westerbeke on my boat is not rebuildable and to repower would require significant work (engine mounts, engine length difference, hoses, etc). I can admit that I am not Bob Vila and I leave repairs to the professionals. I am not made of money, but I can afford to have the work...
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    Is my hull solid fiberglass or have core material?

    So I am hauling my 84 H27 for bottom job. I have speed and depth thru hull transducers installed in vbirth (the displays are old west marine units and can't find much info on them and are not hooked up and I have no idea if they work). I have had leaks in the vbirth from either the transducers...
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    Has anyone completed a crossing on their Cherubini?

    I love my 1984 H27, but at 6'02 I am looking to upsize. Sleeping in fetal position in vbirth is getting old. Future plans include Portland Oregon to Mexico, Hawaii, and back to states. Looking to upsize and am curious who has crossed or regularly crosses or circumnavigates on their Cherubini...
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    Any have this happen?

    1984 H27, wondering if any of you experienced this a what the repair entails.
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    Is this original

    1984 H27 and I am wondering if this is the original traveler set up??? It is really sticky and if I want to get boom out, sometimes I have to pop the line out of the clam cleat and push the boom out. If I have a good wind, I can feed the line and it will take it. But in light wind, I am pushing...
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    What are these lines for???

    Can someone tell me what these lines out of the starboard side of my mast are for? One goes to to the front of the mast and the other off the rear of the mast :confused: 1984 H27