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    Remote Control for Cruiseair units

    Hi - someone I met on the docks last week told me that he had set up his cruiseair units for remote control, through wifi to his home. Anyone tied this ? Cruiseair has a remote, but told me that it could not be done It would be so good to be able to turn it on and off (we are 3 hours away)...
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    Suggestion for drain hole in anchor locker

    Hi all - really cleaned out my anchor chain locker this weekend and found this disturbing sight on my 2002 Hunter 41- the upper drain hole has a stainless steel vent on the outside - but the hole exposes the core. Doesn't get that wet that often, but exposed core scares me. Don't know if a...
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    Recommendation for a good TV

    Hi all - have that Hunter 41 - time for a new TV - any recommendations or words of wisdom ? Thanks Jim
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    Dingy Davit Horizontle Stabilizer

    Hi all - I am going to brave putting this together for my Kato Marine Davits on my Hunter 41. It will carry an AB AL aluminum bottom dingy and maybe, just maybe a Yamaha 9.9 outboard The question is, how far apart from each other should each of the Davit arms bet be fixed? I read that the...
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    Hunter 41 dinette table doesn't lower enough for a berth

    Hi - has anyone had this problem - a Hunter 41, 2003 - tried to lower the dinette table to set up another berth. The table raises and lowers on two posts after loosening two knobs under the table. Unfortunately, it doesn't go down quite far enough to sit flush with the seats. Was wondering if...
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    Part for homemade davit horizontal stabilizer

    Hi - picked this up on an old forum - anyone what these are called or where to get them - seems to be a better solution than what I am considering - wonder if they are homemade. Thanks
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    LED Anchor Light RF Interference

    I have one of the Maine Beam tricolor LEDs on my masthead Rigger just put it on for about 700$ with the labor. Now my VHF, SSB and AIS are having a lot of problems, haven't tested (and afraid to) test the autopilot and GPS. Anyone have any ideas or do I "BOAT" to have someone go up there and...
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    False Bildge in 2004 Hunter 41 ?

    Been tracking down the odor, and trolling the internet. Does anyone know if these newer Hunter's have a false floor where gunk might be accumulating ?
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    Anchor roller modification

    I have the stock arrangement on a 2004 Hunter 41. As the anchor is deployed the stem bangs the furlex. I really don;t want to cut the sail, reduce sail area and raise the rum/ I've seen anchor roller modifications that look like the keep the stem from hitting it as the anchor is deployed -...
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    Help with a Simpson Lawrence Windlass

    I have one of these Sprint Atlantis units that were standard on Hunter boats around 2004. Can these be used manually ? It works great but I'm concerned if I have a power failure sometime. It seems like the clutch nut is supposed to tighten and losen, but mine won't budge - is it supposed...
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    Lehr 9.9 propane outboard parts

    Hi - I lost my cowling in a storm for this motor, and have been having a devil of a time finding one - all the usual dealers don;t have access, and I'm still waiting for Lehr customer service to come back to me. Anyone have any experience with this ? Thanks Jim
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    Risky venture - Bridges and Hunter 41 down the ICW ?

    Running form Delaware city, DE to Oriental NC. Don't know exactly how high my windex and whip antenna go above my mast, which is listed at 62.83 inches. Lowest bridge en route is listed at 64 feet (I believe at Alligator river). Most others are 65 ft - anyone ever do this trip in this...
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    Mast-Mounted Wind Transducer

    When my Raymarine i60 would not calibrate, as the direction seemed off vs my Windex something seemed amiss. I wish I had a better lens and angle, but it seems like it is pointing downward. Has anyone encountered this and have advise before going (or better yet sending someone) up that 65 foot...
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    Recommendations for Asymmetrical Spinnaker

    Hi - I have a 2004 Hunter 41 with an asymmetrical spinnaker that has never been used - now that I've learned the boat - it's time to learn this ! The sail has no sheets from what we have seen - so we are looking for some recommendations for length, width, type of line and potentially hardware...
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    Leaking Eisenglass panel in Bimini

    Have a small but annoying leak (of course - drips right on to my head while standing at the wheel) Any quick fix ideas for this short of a complete re-do or - "hey dummy, don;t stand there") ? The panel is really important to look up the mast and at the sail trim
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    Featherstream Folding Prop Repair/Recondition

    Have a really nice Garlow Featherstream prop that took a beating this season - one of the blades pretty bent most likely with an unfortunate encounter with a log in the upper Chesapeake. I'm located near Philadelphia, and looking for a prop shop that can repair or recondition these - anywhere...
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    Raymarine ST60 Won't Calibrate

    Tried the user calibration several times per the manual. It won;t "beep", so I'm suspecting it didn't;t calibrate. Been turning around in circles so often the local coast guard is getting concerned..... Any suggestions ?
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    Repair Seldon Rodkiker Vang

    Hi - I have the above, and the top bushing is broken and represents a pinch hazard (see picture) The replacement part was inexpensive and available, but I am having trouble figuring out how to replace it. At first it looked like a simple job disconnect the top from the boom, slide the...
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    Cockpit Stereop Power

    2004 Hunter 41 - just seems to be no power in the harness - yes - checked the in line fuse after removing the stereo - and there is power at the breaker panel to "entertainment" and also the arch light - which I think is on the same line - any suggestions on how to trace the problem ? Is there...
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    Breaker Panel Illumination

    Have a hunter 41, and now when I turn on the toggle switch to illuminate the breaker panel labels doesn't;t work. The toggle as a red LED that does go on, but the panel doesn't;t illuminate - and suggestions ? Note - there is also a white push button reset that doesn't;t seem to click in or out