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    Backstay adjuster

    Hi again guys In order to have a better shape, ect on my main i would like to install one backstay adjuster. Now then, for my Bristol 24 I'm incline for a mechanical one. Options /price are the factor. Thx in advance for your advise which is always appropriate it. C
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    Bristol 24 Corsair

    Hello Would like to know tbe diameter of the backstay wire(factory stock size) Thx in advance C
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    BOOM VANG!!!

    Hey guys Once again to consult tbe sailing oracle, the library of Alexandria of sailing. That being said here's the question. For a 151 square feet main on a Bristol 24. Im in the need of getting a boom vang. Im all eyes to read your input. Let it roll!
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    Marine grade solar

    Hi again guys... Thx a gazillion for all the AWESOME advise given to me from so many of you. The proyects materials are been purchased and I can't wsit to get home in Sept. to do this things and get in the water. Now then... SOLAR POWER 100 WATTS panel marine grade. Thats my next project...
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    Mainsheet traveler system

    Hi again guys Considering the upgrade of my factory stock mainsail controls on my Bristol 24. A Lewmar mainsheet traveler kit size 0 might be my choice. The sail area is 150 and this system covers up to 170. It would be installed end of boom. The one thinghy i need to find out tomorrow morning...
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    Hello again guys.... Well once again to get your opinions/wisdom on a different subject. RAYMARINE autohelm 3000 Would be paired to a Garmin chartplotter(away from home by 800 miles no access to look at the unit in box) could they work together and if so what would not do(features) Thx...
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    Non skid

    So I used Pettit EZ decks on my Bristol 24. But now the surface will give anyone a FREE pedicure. How to correct this pls. Ill leave it to your capable, experienced minds. Thx in advance to you all....
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    Sailing Brownsville TX

    Just to pick on others brains for previous experiences sailing the San Padre Is. coast, Brownsville TX and perhaps down south that coast way down to Yucatan peninsula, ect... Tell me about the pros and cons pls.... Thx CR
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    Best weather window

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is doing well and safe. Now that being said... What would the general consensus be to cross to the bahamas? C Thx to all
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    Covid 19 travel

    Ok... So if you're in the Dominican Republic or are taking steps to travel there by sail let's say, what are the red tape inconveniences that you know or found out regarding covid. What to do. C
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    Hi everyone...

    Regarding weather window to cross to Bahamas, whats such from eastern Florida (where there) whats the latest you can cross before the northern winds and current changes occur. Thx C
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    To enter the Bahamas and Caicos you need a negative Covid test result within 5 days of entry. 5 days won't be enough for taking the test n getting your results prior to sailing there from Florida's east coast. Any thoughts?
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    Traveller suggestions

    I was wondering from the different main sail Traveller systems and the locations to be installed which would be more effective/convenient to tje improvement of my Bristol 24. Any advise, as always is welcome and deeply appreciated.
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    bristol corsair 24

    Hi Im here trying to find out if any corsair 24 owner has installed a dodger on it. If so, could you post here /send me some photos pls? I'm in the process of doing so, but need some feedback since I'm aware the boom is too low... ect, rct Thx in advance. CR