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    O’Day 40 - Battery setup- what are you using?

    Looking to expand upon the minimal battery compartment on my O’Day 40 & am a little stymied. Current batt box beneath rear berth only holds 2 GP27 batteries and my start battery is housed in the stbd lazerette. 200 AH w/ only 100 AH usable is pretty minimal. Would like to know if you have a...
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    O’Day 40- instrument Mounting in Bulkhead-

    Has anyone mounted an instrument here? Seems like there is an inner liner & a space between the outerbulkhead here & I’m wondering if there is enough room between the two to mount a Raymarine i70 here w/o drilling thru both?
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    Autopilot install on O’Day 40

    Definitely time for an autopilot on my 40 &. I had hoped to do it this winter while the boat is still on the water. However, when I looked at the rudder post I could see no keyway to secure a post. Is anybody familiar with this, could I have missed this? Seems inconceivable that a large boat...
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    O'day 40 Holding Tank questions (ha ha)

    OEM for the O'Day 40 is a miserly 15 gal tank, guess they weren't planning for anyone to go very far or for very long. Has anybody replaced their original with something larger? If so, would love to know whose tank & the capacity which they were able to cram in there. I'm hoping to replace my...
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    O’Day. 40- reefing setup?

    Hello O’40 owners- Can anybody out there give me the lowdown on how your boom is set up for reefing? I looking through the end of my boom today and could see two short pieces of rope that look like they have been tied off to something and perhaps an internal pulley but the ropes are too short...
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    O’Day 40 Mast conundrum

    New boat, new issues. My mast has an all around (parking light) but no steaming or fore deck light although there are named switches for these on the electrical panel and I Also want to add a halyard for a cruising chute. Ok, no problem, claimed the mast to spreader height drilled holes for...
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    O’Day 39-40’ Whisker Pole?

    Hello mates- Looking to find a serviceable whisker pole to fit an O’day 40, anybody not using theirs and care to part with it? Or for that matter a good Asymmetric and gear, as well? Best, LouK
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    O’Day 40 Questions- Headsails & Autopilot

    Moving up from an O’Day 34 to a 40 here in the Chesapeake and have some general questions- * What typical size headsail do you generally use? * What type autopilot, above /below deck, electric or hydraulic? thanks, LouK
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    O’Day 34 Propane locker repair

    Hello all- Wondering whether others have found a good fix- the flanges of my propane locker are shearing off and need repair. Of course I called D&R but they have no replacements. Has anyone attempted to build these back using fiberglass, it think these inserts are some sot of polypropylene and...
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    Off-topic slightly, any knowledge out there re: the CAL 39 O’Day built?

    Hello- next boat is calling & our beloved Shazam is for sale. I’m interested in the CAL 39 that Hunt designed and O’Day built in 1988, for how long I’m not sure. Nice looking boat with a swim platform. thanks, Lou
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    O’Day 40 owners out there?

    Thinking about selling my O‘34 and moving up to an ‘89 O’40 shoal draft. I’m looking for some wisdom here as I used to sail on a Jeanneau Sun Fizz fin keel & it was a nice boat but I understand there were some slight changes in both structure & layout between the two models. One example is the...
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    Propane locker woes

    The top edge of my propane storage big has cracked & is generally inop & wont stay in place when loaded. I called D&R last year but they don’t have a replacement. I also tried adding a small, thin alum angle to the side of the box and that didn’t work. I have two questions- = I’m wondering if I...
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    Replacement M-25 Universal engine instrument panel?

    Howdy folks- So my aged instrument panel (amps/ fuel, no tach) panel for my M-25 is showing it's age & I'm in a quandary. I've read about the dangers of the old ampmeter, myignition switch is getting flaky and who knows about the rest of it. I've searched the internet for a replacement panel &...
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    Polar Charts??

    Like many of us, I'm always curious whether I am sailing as fast as optimally possible. Does anyone have a set of polar charts for an O'Day '34 or 35? I think that I read somewhere that all manufacturers created them for each model of boat. I know this information is perhaps theoretical, but...
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    Whisker poles?

    Cold as hell here in MD & time to dawdle in obscurities; do any of you 34-35' types use a whisker pole? If so can you recommend a general length? thanks, Lou
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    O'Day 34 Performance?

    Hello '34 owners out there, just saw a post on e-bay & someone has an '84 O'Day 34 Performance for sale on the Great Lakes. Asking $29k, god love him, hopes he gets double that! Seriously though, was there ever such a model made? It looks similar to my '83 w/o the cabin traveler with the...
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    Refrigeration Questions?

    My 1983 vintage refer, in my O'34 to no one's surprise appeared completely dead when I purchased the boat last year. However, lo & behold, the pressure gages still show that the system has a lot of gas in it. Question is what to do with it? Can I pull the compressor & toss it w/o the gas...
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    O'Day 34- Rigid Boom Vangs, advice?

    Hello All: I'd like to hear some thoughts from those who have added rigid boom vangs to their O'34/35's. My current thoughts are pointing me in the direction of a Garhauer unit but I wanted to see what others have to say; have there been notable improvements in performance; did they scrap their...
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    O'34/ Outhaul -what's in your boom?

    Has anyone pulled the end cap off their boom? I'm wondering if the outhaul uses anything more than a straight pull back toward the mast or whether it has a series of pullies inside? thanks, Lou