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    Sailing or not

    People share their reasons they love the sport of sailing in blogs and forums. But, one thing I don’t see often are reasons sailors give up the sport. Do you feel it just doesn’t happen that often? Do you know, or ever hear of why someone gave up sailing?
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    Tips for finding marinas that accommodate trailer sailors

    I’m looking for any tips for finding information, in any chosen area, about marina services, launching, retrieving, and docking/slip availability for my sailboat? I haven’t had much luck with calling, or researching online. If I do call, and happen to get a hold of someone, they haven’t had...
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    Racing vs. Cruising

    Although I find racing and cruising are very close in nature, the two types of sailing have their clear distinctions. I’ve raced several times and it just wasn’t my thing. How many of you enjoy both, or prefer one over the other? And why?
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    Looking for Catalina 18

    I've been searching for a Catalina 18 in Northern California. Preferably with decent trailer, outboard, jib furling.
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    Hydrofoils future impact on sailing

    Hello all I’m new to Sailboat Ownership Forum. This is my first post. I’m actually a trailer sailor, but I can’t help thinking about the Americas Cup this year. Actually, I can't stop thinking about the Americas Cup over the past 14 years. I’m an old school traditionalist and can’t help...