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    buying a (one-time) saltwater boat?

    We are considering a Cat 36 that lived for its first 7 years in saltwater, but has been in freshwater for the past 13. Right now, we have not seen the maintenance records, but superficially the boat looks ok, with moderate (for its age) engine hours. Not sure about spars and standing rigging (we...
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    C28-mkII galley sink problem

    While I was flushing my water system after launching this spring a new (to me) problem arose - one or both of the taps on the galley sink stopped working properly. That is, as long as the water pump was on, water came out of the faucet (still does!). I have tried to take the taps off, but it is...
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    H 216 spinnaker manual?

    Happy New Year, all! Does anyone know if there are instructions for mounting/assembling the hardware for the asym spinnaker for the 216? I did not receive one with the spinnaker gear. think I have all the components (but did not get a parts list either). As well, I have never sailed with...
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    H216 forestay tension

    Hi all, In the 216 rigging instructions, it is noted that the forestay should be fixed to the after-most hole in the fitting at the bow. Has anyone moved it forward to increase the tension on the jib luff? I would just go ahead, but I suspect that the mast will be tensioned forwards ...
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    new outboard for H216

    When I bought my (new) 216 last summer, I also purchased a Merc 3.5 hp, which worked well. Now, due to a change in mooring arrangements, I want to upgrade to a motor with a reverse gear (instead of rotating the engine). My dealer can get a Merc 4 hp, which will do this, and has an internal gas...
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    antifouling for H216

    Does anyone have advice or suggestions about antifouling paint for the H216? The owner's manual is pretty silent on this, though is pretty worried about solvents, etc. contacting the plastic. Thanks! Jamie
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    H 216 discontinued?

    I was at the Toronto Boat Show today and a Hunter dealer mentioned that the 216 was no longer being made. The implication was that the ACP technology was being abandoned in favour of fibreglass (and so, all the ACP boats were affected). Has anyone heard anything about this?
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    H216 winter storage

    I am thinking ahead to my first winter with a 2008 H216. My plan is to store it on the trailer in the yacht club yard - with some 25 other trailer boats. Given the local conditions in Toronto (temp could drop to -20 C / -4 F, but generally not too much snow) does anyone have advice? I have seen...
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    adding fittings

    I have a new (2008) H216. Does anyone know whether one can add fittings (cleats and handgrips) to the hull? Will this void the waranty? If not, what type/length of screw is used (or do you need to bolt through the hull?) Thanks a lot!