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    H23.5 sliding hatch

    Anyone know if anybody parting out H23.5 . I need a sliding hatch for my companion way .
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    H23.5 companionway sliding hatch

    What are the dimensions of the sliding hatch thickness, width and length. Also , smoke color dark or light ??
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    Some play in the spreader bar connection to the mast spreader bar bracket normal or not ??????
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    H23.5 1993

    Mast rivets loose on the mast base . Are they 3/16 ??? Aluminum or stainless ??? Anyone have solutions to reseal windows ?? I still have trouble getting bow up to the trailer bow stop ???? Thanks joe
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    H23.5 trailer

    I have The original 1993 Hunter 23.5 boat and trailer and Hunter and serial number Stamped on the trailer. With the boat Bow eye I’ll be against the bow stop on the trailer, if I board the ladder at the stern of the boat the front of the trailer pops up ???? Obviously there’s no Tongue weight...