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    antenna splitter

    I have found mixed info. on using the VHF antenna and a splitter for a VHF and an AM-FM radio? Has anyone any experience that could give some give me some advice?
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    Vhf cable

    I want to replace the Vhf cable on my S2 8m as it is starting to get brittle and has small cracks in a few places. It is about 1/4" in size and has performed well. Space is limited so I would like to stay w/ the 1/4 size. I believe LMR-240 cable can be used (about 50 ft length) with a...
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    pictures of S2 8b interior

    could anyone post pictures of the interior starboard aft end of seats area @ the quarter berth w/ cushions removed? Also any detail of shelves above stove-sink area? I have a "basket case" w/ lots of parts but lots of missing parts also. Thank you
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    Bending masthead-rigged masts

    A past discussion asked if a masthead-rigged mast could be bent aft to trim a mainsail. I just have run across a chapter in "Understanding Rigs and Rigging" by Richard Henderson that addresses the question. The short answer is maybe as it depends on the design of the masthead as well as the...
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    Halyard knots

    I've been using a Buntline hitch for my halyards. Would there be an advantage to go to a halyard hitch. I have stayset x lines.
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    Outboard Motor mount on S2 8.0

    I want to mount a new outboard motor mount on the trans. of a S2 8.0 that is in my shop and I'm not sure where the water line is as the boat has been out of the water and has been repainted. Does anyone have a measurement for the water line at the stern and or how deep they think the cav...
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    main sail trim

    Help! Last week I could not get my main trimmed. My boat is a 222, the wind was at about 7 to 9 and 1-2 ft waves on Lake MI. I have telltails on the main at about the center on both sides and 3 at the battens on the leach. Sailing at about 50 to 60 degs into the wind, boat speed about 4 to...
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    jib down haul

    Thank you Brian for the jib down haul tip. Tried it and it works great. Im also having trouble w/ the hanks binding at the bottom stay fittings. Maybe a length of the same PVC from deck to top of fitting will work?? Ill try it soon. I also now have an adjustable Forspar till ext. and...
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    gas addatives

    Practical Sailor tested gas add. a number of years ago (have lost the article)) and found that it was useless. I keep my gas (have both a 2 and 4 stroke motors) as "fresh" as poss. and only use the non alcohol prem. gas. and have had no problems. (I put a half gal. into my car to flush the...
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    Tiller extention

    What is a good tiller extension and length to add to a 222?
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    Jib rail angles

    Just ran across some notes Ive used to install jib sheet rails. Maybe they can help some older questions that have come up. Generally: primary tracks should be 8 degrees from center line for a race boat, 10 degree for a cruising boat. For a #3 & #4 genoas 9 degrees race boat, 13 degrees for...
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    Line upgrade

    can anyone tell me how to figure the pull at the clew, tack, and head of my main or jib. I need to change my lines and some hardware for the upcomming season. Also any rec.on what line to use.
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    tall rig mast

    I have a Cat. 30 tall rig that needs a new mast. The present one is 42 ft long , 5" x 8" , no taper, and single spreader. Can I replace it with a mast of the same size but tapered at the top?
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    222 kick-up rudder

    the line that holds the kick-up rudder down has come out of the rudder. :eek::eek: What is the best method to attach a new line? Thank You Mike
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    222 rigging manual

    My computer crashed and Ive lost most of my stuff. Where can I find rigging info.
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    rub rail insert

    Does anyone have 2 feet of black rub rail insert used on an Oday 222?? Thank you Mike
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    I need to reinstall thru hull fittings, rudder, and swim ladder. Whats a good sealant?