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    O'Day 34 cabin top going soft

    I thought I had re-bedded the fittings on the cabin top of the 1984 that I bought just a few seasons back, but it seems I was too late and the cabin top has turned very soft and cracked. I appears I will be cutting it out and rebuilding from the top side with new epoxy FG and birch plywood...
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    Universal M25 with Novatron panel engine starting problems

    I am having issues with starting my 1983 Universal M25 with Novatron control panel. I have replaced the starter/solenoid, both batteries, ground cables between engine frame and batteries, cleaned the connection at the engine frame, and the solenoid only clicks in on pressing the start...
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    Oday 34 Rub Rail Absorber Cushion

    I am looking for the plastic inserts that go under the continuous rubber rub rail. They appear to come in short sections to allow replacement of just the sections that have been crushed due to coming into the dock a little too hard.
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    Universal M25 Fuel Injector Removal

    The #3 injector is puddling diesel fuel when the engine is running, and I am debating removing the injector myself and taking it to a diesel shop for test and possible repair. The engine is 35years old in an Oday 34, and I doubt the injectors have ever been removed. Does anyone have suggestion...