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  1. J

    2 inch sanitation hose

    I need 2” hose for my discharge from the holding tank. Has anyone had experience with Great White Headhunter hose?
  2. J

    340 Factory 3 Blade Prop

    The Hunter parts store on this site has a 3 blade bronze ZF prop for sale for the 340. I imagine this was the factory option for a 3 blade. I have a 336 and am unsatisfied with the performance of the 2 blade factory prop. Does anyone have experience with the 3 blade ZF on the 340 or 336? I...
  3. J

    H336 Upgrades

    Hello all, I am planning several upgrade to a 336 (chartplotter, radar, dc outlets, fans, TV, autopilot, etc) and am looking for info from anyone who has done this kinda work. Searching these forums I see Rick with Whiskey Chaser has done quite a bit of upgrades. Anyone out there have his...
  4. J

    23.5 with Air Conditioning

    I recently installed a Mermaid M5 on my H23.5. It really wasn't that difficult. The details are on the photo projects forum. It works GREAT! Alot of airflow and it will freeze you out at night. All I need now is a beer fridge, big screen TV, and a lazy boy.