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    Replacement cockpit ladder

    Hello again all. We've made the purchase and are the proud owners of a 98 C250 wing keel. The previous owner has removed the inboard diesel and faired in the hull. This makes access to the rear berth much easier, but the new cabin access ladder is flimsy and needs replacement. Does anyone...
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    Full size porta potty?

    Howdy all. One of the many projects for the new boat is the loo. We currently have a new porta potty in the head, but I can't help notice how small the actual bowl is on just about every 'throne' out there. Does anyone know of a mfr that makes a porta potty with a seat size and depth similar...
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    Aluminum vs SS bimini frames

    Hey all. Another in the salvo of questions I'm sure to have before I take delivery of my C250... We are bimini-less. After some digging around I was able to find the cockpit dimensions of the boat, but the prices run the range from ridiculous (almost $1500 thru Catalina direct) to off market...
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    Changing sail numbers

    Hello all. I'm the new owner of a C250 and I'm starting to plot my to do list. The previous owner wasn't a fan of having the hull number on the main sail, so he changed it to "420". You can probably guess some of his other recreational activities... I went to catalina direct and much to my...
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    Not really a question, but a thanks!

    Hello all. About a year ago the wife and I decided to purchase a sailboat. After sniffing around the web I found this site and dove in. I started lurking, and eventually posting. The experiences I've read about have been invaluable, and some of you were cool enough to reach out to me...
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    Looking for a C250 for sale

    Good morning all. I've been kicking around on the site here for a few months now, mostly lurking, trying to soak up the knowledge that's collected here. Doing so has helped me (an as yet unboated noob) conclude that there are only a couple boats that would work for the Admiral and I, one being...
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    Adding shore power?

    I'm looking at a couple boats to buy for the upcoming season, and some don't have a shore power connection. For someone with zippo wiring experience (my greatest victory is installing a ceiling fan that didn't burn the house down) how much of a pain or expense would it be to add shore power?
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    Questions for 26S owners

    Howdy everyone. After much thought and discussions with the missus, we decided that our best, easiest, and most affordable method of establishing a foothold in our dream vacation area is at their local marina in a cruiser. With a budget in mind of ~10K, we are now taking a hard look at the Mac...
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    26X vs 26M head size

    Hello all. I'm in the market for a boat, and two of my candidates are the M26X and 26M. One of my hangups about these two is the size of the enclosed head. I have yet to view one in person (I'm prettly landlocked) and from doing some quick and dirty scaling off of cutaway diagrams I come up...
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    New forum member with an introduction and some questions

    Hello everyone, pseudo-short term lurker posting for the first time. I’ve been poking around the forums here and have very much enjoyed the stories I’ve read and I can also see what a valuable resource of experience is available here. I’m hoping to get some input to help guide some of my...