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    MacGregor 25 Classification

    I’ve owned my MacGregor 25 for decades and still have never gotten an answer to a simple question: Is a MacGregor 25 considered to be a one design sailboat? If it isn’t, what would it be classified as? No debasing comments please as I know there are many sailors out there who have many...
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    Attaching flag to fiberglass without through bolts.

    Hello: I need some advise on what the best and strongest way to attach a metal base (stainless steel or chrome plated brass) to a fiberglass surface without using through bolts. There is little to no potential room to access the undersurface to attach lock washers and nuts to bolts or even a...
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    Cabin Cushion Snaps

    I recently replaced all our cabin cushions with new, custom cut 3” thick foam. In typical fashion, all the hard surfaces (port and starboard inside hull walls as well as bulkhead surfaces) are fixed with stainless steel snaps that correspond with those snaps on the back of each respective...
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    Macgregor 25s and Monterey Bay

    Hello everyone: I have my Mac 25 living in Monterey Bay. There are plenty of Macgregor 26 models there, but I have yet to ever see a Macgregor 25. Is there anyone else out there with a Macgregor 25 sailing in Monterey Bay?
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    Cabin cushion cleaning

    Hello: We recently had new cushions made for the cabin on our MacGregor 25. The cushions are all completely new and are made of Captain Navy, with a white welt trim, Sunbrella marine fabric. Unfortunately, we got hit with a great deal of rain this winter and an unusually damp cabin environment...
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    Modified sloop to cutter rig

    I have been observing photos of Macgregor 25s which appear to have been converted to cutter rigs. It looks as though blocks have been added to the masthead and halyards have been installed forward of the roller furling units which have also been installed. Wouldn’t this type of modification...
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    Sail cover for Lazyjacks

    Hello. I have just had a Lazyjack system installed on my newly restored Macgregor 25. Only after this installation I realize it may be a bit of a problem obtaining a mainsail cover for it. Has anyone experienced this issue? I checked with an equipment dealer who specializes in Macgregor stock...
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    Mac 25 and California marinas

    Hello again everyone. Since I didn’t get any feedback from when I posted a question regarding “if anyone may have a Macgregor 25 in a slip at, or around, Breakwater Marina in Monterey Bay.” I thought might be a better idea to approach this in a different way. Here’s my revised question: Does...
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    Monterey Bay sailing

    Hello: I have a Mac 25 in Monterey Bay. It’s berthed at Breakwater. Does anyone have a similar boat in, or around that marina?