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    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    Nice! Looks like a good place for some solar too!
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    Class T fuses

    Looks like I have some rewiring and fuses to do. Thanks for the info.
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    MOB1 type device Vs Portable VHF with panic button

    This was a big save by the MOB AIS. And not from the mother ship, he was solo... Granted there was an initial search location transmitted
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    2 inch sanitation hose

    The deck fittings are 2” Amiot, which I will replace with 1.5” Amiot. The hole cutout dimensions (and screw hole I think) are the same. You book has been very helpful! But I have some (more) non standard things going on, so I’ll send you that PM to see what you think about what I’m trying to do...
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    2 inch sanitation hose

    Yes! That is the plan, on one side anyway. I was able to replace one of the 2" Forespar 93 series valves with a 1.5" valve, but on the other side I can't disassemble the valve because of restricted space, So I will just use a short piece of the Headhunter and then a reducer and the saniflex. I...
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    2 inch sanitation hose

    Thank you Peggie. It looks like I can get it by the foot at Fisheries Supply. Fortunately I don’t need much at $27.81 a foot!
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    2 inch sanitation hose

    I need 2” hose for my discharge from the holding tank. Has anyone had experience with Great White Headhunter hose?
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    Drop-in Lithium batteries

    Then again, there's this Looks like you could use a 5V relay to disable the Multiplus charging. The Venus GX has a 5V DC output which you could run through a temperature relay which the BMV 712...
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    Drop-in Lithium batteries

    Well, I was referencing this thread on victron community: but there are others which seem to indicate the multiplus LFP profile does not cut off charging at 5C. And it doesn't appear that there is a...
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    Drop-in Lithium batteries

    Look at the Victron products. I know their SmartSolar controllers and Multiplus devices have a configurable low temperature charging cutoff. Also Lithionics can be specified with an internal heater.
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    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    Very nice, your boat deserves the best! I ordered one of the custom panels and I feel BlueSeas really does a good job with communication and making sure you get what you need. (I never flew the Guppy, but since you took 727, I'll take 73... :))
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    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    Have you looked at the 360 panels with rocker switches? They can be AC or DC.
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    automatic steering hunter 23.5

    I think if you can determine the thickness and width of the aluminum bracket you could get some bar stock from and the bend it to your needs.
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    Replacing a vinyl name This is what I just used. Very quick. I’ll never use any other technique again. Just keep the speed on the drill pretty slow. If you have someone else hold a shopvac on the vinyl as it...
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    owners manual for H336 1996

    I have a paper copy for a 1997 336... anything specific you were looking for?
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    Flying the American flag

    What about this one then... Looks legit to me
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    Are all gas sources Ethanol free in Summer

    BoatUS had an article on this recently. Big bucks if you mistakenly put E15 in a marine engine as it will likely damage it. Also if you have an older car (pre 2007, or possibly at late as 2012) do some research on your particular engine and be careful.
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    Battery Switch Wiring

    Maybe. If the only battery connection to the DC negative bus is on battery #1 and you disconnect that it will depower the entire DC system. How many cables are (were) on the negative post of battery #1?
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    Firefly batteries and the rest of the charging system

    After thinking about it, how about going for a 150 amp Balmar with a serpentine belt, and leaving the shore charger alone? You will typically be deep cycling on the hook, so why upgrade both the shore charger and alternator when I think it would be about the same cost to just go big on the...
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    Firefly batteries and the rest of the charging system

    Since you will have to run the engine about every other day to charge the batteries when you’re out on the hook, I’d look into upgrading the alternator to reduce engine run time and make more efficient use of the diesel. Maybe a CMI-80 with external regulation. As far as the shore charger...