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    Capri 18 Reefing Assistance Sought - Any pictures?

    Not sure if I am suffering from a mental block, or if there are pieces missing from my standing rigging, but I would like some help in getting the rigging for reefing the Capri 18 (1987) done correctly. 1) On the starboard side of the boom I have a block positioned near the gooseneck, and...
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    First Day on the Water!

    Nothing better than the feeling of being out on the water (the Western end of Long Island Sound) for another season! Almost a month earlier than last year! My brand new Mercury 5hp SP marked up with painters tape to make it look a little less attractive to thieves.
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    Capri 18 Bilge Pump Hose

    Hello Friends, I have seen many references to this mystery "hose to nowhere" and then some very confusing replies about it. My 1987 Capri 18 has this hose in the anchor locker (starboard aft locker) and presumably it leads to the bilge. I would like to be able to pump it out manually when...
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    Dead Simple way to attach light objects to cabin interior

    Fellow Sailors, I am looking for a very simple way to attach some things to the interior cabin of my Catalina Capri 18. I am an urban dweller who doesn't have a workbench or shop at home, and do not own entire sets of complicated tools. I just want to hang up the following: - new bracket...
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    Thinking of using a Mercury 5hp Propane Outboard - Any Advice?

    This is for small boat owners, I would be using it on my Catalina 18, but thought I would post here to see if I could get advice from a larger group. I need a new outboard. Only use it in warmer months in Long Island Sound, and would like to avoid the smell and mess of gasoline. We use the...
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    Replacing the gooseneck on the boom, C-18

    Hello All, I am expecting delivery of a new gooseneck for my 1987 C-18. The description on Catalina Direct says that new holes have to be drilled into the gooseneck to match the holes already in the boom. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Any recommendations on the proper bit...
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    Capri 18 - is it possible to remove the Furling foil without lowering the mast?

    Hello everyone, (forgive me is this isn't the right forum, I didnt think it was specific to smaller boats) My friend and i have a 1987 Capri 18 that we purchased and sailed with no issues in 2019. We got off to a great start this year, but have run into a number of sail related issues over...
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    How to lengthen the bottom of the furling jib on Capri 18?

    (Please forgive me if I am not using the correct terms) I have a 1987 Catalina Capri 18 that I keep here in the Bronx, NY and enjoy great sailing on Long Island Sound every weekend. I bought it with a friend a year ago, and it was already outfitted with all of the sails and lines, we didn't...