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    Does anyone have/ has anyone had a traveler on their Sirius? I'm thinking it would help get closer to the wind, but the only place one would go is about a foot and a half aft of the companionway. Judging by old bolt holes a previous owner tried it there. However, it seems terribly in the way and...
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    Cockpit drain

    Just an FYI for other owners: On my Sirius, the hose from the cockpit drain runs through the starboard locker to a stern through hull above the waterline. The locker is connected with the interior. Last season I was away and on a very stormy day short waves were ramming into the stern. This...
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    Keel cable replacement

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to replace my keel cable for the first time. Question 1) the cable still looks fine but hasn't been replaced in a long time. Should I just replace it? 2) Is there a turning ball or similar inside somehow, or does the cable just go straight down? 3) My keel does...