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    Question: Does anyone know how to match the 1984 light tan gelcoat on the decks?

    Buy the closest match from Jamestown. Also get yellow, brown and white tints. Pour 1 oz of Gelcoat into a small NOT catalyze. Clean an area of the hull you want to match. Add tint, 1 drop at a time and put a dab onto the cleaned area of the hull. Adjust color by adding additional...
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    Launching / Retrieving a Catalina 22 with a Prius....?

    HA, HA, HA, HA.....I needed a good laugh today!
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    More 3D printing

    3D printing has come a lot farther than most people realize. It can print in different types of plastics, some with fibers embedded for extra strength, metals or combinations of the two. Part geometries designed for strength rather than conventional manufacturing practices has opened up amazing...
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    Are you Bi?

    Count me too: 1976 Dolphin 24 sailboat and a 1977 Sea Ray Cuddy Cabin. I enjoy them both. Definitely different experiences on the water.
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    Video Blogs - which do you watch and why?

    Sailing Sophisticated Lady with Capt. Rick Moore is my favorite. Real life, not just fluff, drama and bikinis...well...just a few but then they are on a boat in the Caribbean.
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    2” x 2” square pull ring locker hatch latch

    Try Fisheries Marine Supply They have a lot of hardware.
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    Container Ship cuts Minesweeper in two

    Recent article reports the captain of the container ship was arrested. Seems strange? Someone forgot the rule that says" Stay out of the way of really BIG ships"!
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    Unknown Sailboat Type

    Winches? Don't forget West marines BOGO sale, usually in March.
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    Hull numbers.... again

    I'm kicking myself today, I had a chance to get Hull # 4326 for $600 complete and on a trailer this past weekend and I didn't go for it. It sold for $400 the next day. Who couldn't use another sailboat?
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    Used sails from other boats?

    Minnys in Newport Beach has a large supply of used sails and an online inventory. Once you identify your variables ( sizes, weight, mounting ) you can do a search for what you need. Or...did Minnys close?
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    diy gimbal for 2 burner alcol stove

    A piece of 1 x 1 angle stock would be my choice.
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    30 ways to sink a boat

    They make a devise that comes in through your thru hull from the outside and seals the hole so you can change the seacock while in the water. looks like a diaphragm on a stick. Would that help?
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    Need help repairing/replacing hinged mast step

    Looks like a hinged mast plate from Gerhaurer. Dwyer mast and Catalina Direct also stock them. The mast base insert is available from Dwyer mast also if I remember correctly. Having a GOB, I've gotten good at scrounging for odd parts.
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    locating rit colour gelcoat for 1981 Oday 34

    Jamestown Distributors has colored gelcoat, but get the tubes of tint to make fine adjustments. Make your color match BEFORE adding catalyst.
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    Converting Main Sail to loose foot

    Jwing, I used the outhaul kit for a Catalina 25 from Catalina Direct when I converted to a loose footed main.
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    G10 fiberglass board online resource.

    MSC is also another good choice for G10, plastics and metal for projects.
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    eye candy

    An Another.
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    eye candy

    From this weekends Schooner Cup Race in San Diego
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    West marine has lewmar winches buy one get one free!

    Don't March 11th is the last day of this sale. So whether West Marine or Defender price match is your choice.....don't procrastinate.
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    West Marine BOGO sale on Lewmar Winches

    Winches and Handles on sale through March 11th according the my email this morning from West Marine. 1/2 price is a pretty good deal in my book.