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  1. stephen_i_w

    Bug Pants

    Has anyone tried bug pants to deal with those awful biting flies in the Great Lakes and other places? I wonder how well they work.
  2. stephen_i_w

    Dinghy Security

    We purchased a dinghy and a nice light Torqeedo outboard. My question is, how do we keep it from getting stolen when we use it to foray on land?
  3. stephen_i_w

    MOB1 type device Vs Portable VHF with panic button

    What is the advantage of carrying a MOB1 type device over a water proof, floating VHF, with a panic button such as a Standard Horizon HX890?
  4. stephen_i_w

    PLB recommendations

    I am a Great Lakes Sailor and plan a few trips next season on Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. I am considering purchasing a couple of PLB for the admiral and myself. Any recommendations for specific models?
  5. stephen_i_w

    Chock Screws Backing Out

    After having my boat hauled out I notice that some of the screws that hold the chocks to the deck have backed out. Has anyone seen this issue before?
  6. stephen_i_w

    Firefly Carbon Foam AGM batteries

    It is time to replace those old 4d batteries that came with my boat. I recently read about Firefly Carbon Foam batteries. Does anyone have any experience with these? They are a type of Lead acid AGM battery that has some really favorable characteristics. I wonder if I can use my existing...
  7. stephen_i_w

    Furling Main Outhaul Thingie

    Furling main expertise needed: On my furling main outhaul line, near the outhaul block, there is a grey rubber sort of item. Does anyone know what it is called? Is it installed correctly? What is its function? I notice that it is lacking on many boats and even the Selden manual does not...
  8. stephen_i_w

    Cans escaping Cup Holders

    I find that drinks in standard 12oz cans simply slip out of these beverage holders into the the lake. These are mounted on the stern pulpit of my C-315. I am wondering if there is supposed to be some sort of insert that goes with them. The zip-ties I put on them work, but they do seem a bit...
  9. stephen_i_w

    Key Buzzer Doesn't Buzz

    On my C315, for some reason, the buzzer that usually buzzes when the key is turned, but before the engine starts, does not buzz. The Yanmar 3YM20 still starts up fine. The buzzer is also silent when the engine is shutdown, but before the key is turned off. Could it simply be a broken buzzer...
  10. stephen_i_w

    Western Lake Erie, Lake St Clair

    Are there any events for the C310/315 group planned for Western Lake Erie or Lake St Clair this season?
  11. stephen_i_w

    Isolating Taps?

    On my new 315, just forward of the engine, under the cabin sole are these, each labeled "isolating tap." Does anyone know what these are, how they are used and whether I need to do anything to them when I Winterize the boat?
  12. stephen_i_w

    Catalina 315

    I just purchased a Catalina 315 and I would like to see if there is anyone out there who wants to exchange information, tips etc.