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  1. jwerkjr

    AP not holding heading

    Hoping to find help with my AP. My issue is that when I hit heading hold on my Vulcan 7 my AP (NAC2 controller) turns to port instead of holding course. Outbound last Saturday it only happened a couple of times but otherwise worked as it should. On my return trip Sunday it would not work...
  2. jwerkjr

    Hunter 34 fuel tank depth

    Can any of you that have replaced the fuel tank on the Hunter 34 (1984) tell me if the depth of the tank is consistent from forward to aft? It appears to me that this tank may be shallower aft then it is forward, but access is extremely limited so hard to tell for sure. I want to install a...
  3. jwerkjr

    B and G autopilot commissioning

    I have installed an autopilot system composed of a Simrad SD10 drive motor, a Precision 9 compass and a NAC2 computer. I'm attempting to run it with a Vulcan 7. The Vulcan is seeing the autopilot but I have not been able to run the dockside commissioning. When I hit the dockside commissioning...
  4. jwerkjr

    Engine coolant temp monitoring on a Vulcan 7

    I have been researching a way to hook up a second sending unit in the hot water line going to the hot water heater. I want to be able to read coolant temp on my Vulcan 7 through my NMEA 2000 network. So I need the sending unit hooked up and I need a device to wire the sending unit to that plugs...
  5. jwerkjr

    Can anyone identify this electrical connector?

    This connector is on my 1984 3GMF engine. One lead attaches to the altenator. The other leads into the wiring harness that I have removed some of the tape from (fresh looking wires). It is currently not connected to anything and I can’t find a connection point with reach of it. I’m thinking it...
  6. jwerkjr

    Yanmar 3GMF high temp alarm

    This past Sunday I had my high water temp alarm sound. This occurred on my way back to the marina after running 30-40 minutes at medium RPMs. (Wasn't monitoring to know exactly). I have checked all the obvious items and have received a few more ideas from various threads I've read on the topic...
  7. jwerkjr

    Deck light switch

    Om by 1984 Hunter 34 I have a switch on the DC panel labeled “Deck light”. I have no light out on deck. Anyone know if this was an option and where the wiring from the switch may lead to?
  8. jwerkjr

    Vulcan 7 depth offset not working

    I have just installed an Airmar transducer (DST800V) and connected it to my Vulcan 7. The depth reading is working but when I try to adjust the depth offset I get no change in the reading no matter what I enter in the offset. I have also gone into the "installation" area of the Echo settings to...
  9. jwerkjr

    Help identifying transducer

    I am looking to install a new transducer and while looking for a suitable location I discovered a transducer that I have not been able to identify its purpose. In the attached photo there are 3 units. The two black are for my old instruments (1 transducer for depth and 1 paddle wheel for speed)...
  10. jwerkjr

    Hunter 34 - Easiest way to route wiring from starboard to port

    I am looking to run wiring from the head to the DC panel. I've attempted to snake a feed through the cabin light holes across the ceiling channel that the mast runs through but get stopped at the mast. PO ran speaker wire through that path I believe. Any suggestions?
  11. jwerkjr

    Propellor removal Hunter 34

    I am having a heck of a time trying to remove my prop. Before I do any damage I thought I'd ask first. I have two nuts on the shaft , one twice as wide as the other and the little round thing that the cotter pin goes through. Is that little round thing a separate entity from the locking nut and...
  12. jwerkjr

    Unidentifiable wiring

    Can anyone help me identify this wiring on my Hunter 34? The black wire with the double point connector goes to the alternator so I'm assuming it's for a gauge to be plugged into. The one with the fuse holder goes into a harness with many other wires. The one with the blue wire and a single...
  13. jwerkjr

    Stuffing box ?

    I have a stuffing box (picture attached) that does not look like what I have seen in the books I've been reading as I learn more and more about my new to me 1984 Hunter 34. I see no packing nut and I see no way to take it apart to check or replace the packing. Can anyone tell me what's up? This...
  14. jwerkjr

    What oil to use?

    I am about to change the oil in my 1984 diesel and transmission. The shop manual calls for CB or CC grade 30 or 40 weight with a recommendation of Shell Rotella or Mobil Delvac. With CB and CC being obsolete, I am concerned about what oil to use. I assume that the newer oils would be fine but...
  15. jwerkjr

    Bilge pump auto indicator

    I am correcting some electrical issues on my recently purchased 1984 Hunter 34. I replaced a seized bilge pump and am now trying to get the indicator light working properly. The manual switch activates its light properly. The auto mode has its own indicator light that had the wires cut. I am...
  16. jwerkjr

    New Hunter 34 owner needing help identifying items

    I recently purchased a 1984 Hunter 34 and have been going over it in an effort to learn all the systems. I have discovered a couple of items that I have no idea what they are. Can anyone identify these? This is hooked up to the DC side of one of the battery charger terminals and is mounted on...
  17. jwerkjr

    Suggestions for wind indicator instruments

    I just purchased a 1984 Hunter after owning power boats my entire adult life. I am new to this forum and to sailing (I have taken ASA classes so I'm not totally out of my mind) I'm looking for suggestions on wind direction/speed instruments. Everything I've come across on this forum is fairly...