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  1. pclarksurf

    Catalina 22 gooseneck end cap scew removel

    Not through bolts — just 1/2 or 3/4” machine screws — I tapped the boom extrusion to match.
  2. pclarksurf

    Catalina 22 gooseneck end cap scew removel

    Just attempted to remove mine by way of installing a reef hook-- managed one with screw driver and promptly snapped the head of the second (typical me). I drilled out the snapped head -- and once out, tapped both holes for a fine thread 1/4 -28 and replaced with proper SS bolts in lieu of the...
  3. pclarksurf

    trailer extension

    Don't have a good shot of it during deployment-- but if you have stock original trailer the main receiver would have been a sliding tongue. In my pic the main extension was rusted shut so we welded it permanently and added a secondary extension offset from center. Using it is simple-- I...
  4. pclarksurf

    Assortment of cheap fixes on Cat 22

    just when I thought you had upgraded the C22 to twin outboards: Eat this McGregor ! ;)
  5. pclarksurf

    We rig in the morning ….. this should be an epic week

    Admiral not feeling super up to it but the conditions have been great. May get out this afternoon and do some single handing just for grins
  6. pclarksurf

    We rig in the morning ….. this should be an epic week

    If anyone ever wondered why stingy sailor had video on rigging while on the water — Bayview ID is a great location/ great ramp but noooo where to stage. Easy enough and I managed to drop nothing overboard. Quick run around the bay — hoping for some go pro in the coming outings…. We’ll see...
  7. pclarksurf

    1987 Cat 22 SK Lazy Jacks

    OMG I'm dying ... yes yes , and yes-- everything that was just iterated is absoltuely 100% universally true: practical joke from Satan indeed : Sewn Sails Sail Ties 48", 1" Polypropylene Webbing, Box Stitched - 6pc.Set, Assorted Colors : Sports & Outdoors Best thing i ever...
  8. pclarksurf

    Boom bolt rope slot size ?

    same-- just happily stole that and filed in the "documents" section ;) thanks @Gene Neill
  9. pclarksurf

    Determining Trailrite C22 1982 VIN

    Same in WA — I did find what the state patrol believes is a serial # — but they are only checking for stolen goods. Gave it a plate and took my money gleefully:
  10. pclarksurf

    Simple Reef Hook

    Typical -- 100 degrees and no wind, but on the water is cooler than the parking lot. Decided I like the reef hook on the port side-- aligns well with my main halyard and avoids the interference with the gooseneck tack pin. The only oddity is that my reefing outhauls exist starboard-- so no...
  11. pclarksurf

    Replacing trailer hand winch cable with UHMWPE synthetic winch rope ?

    I had some challenges with a legacy rope stretching every time I pulled the boat. Converted to a new strap winch and solved that problem. UV not a huge issue for my particular set up. I don't use the winch for mast raising my self-- but that strap is looong. It might be a viable option?
  12. pclarksurf

    Simple Reef Hook

    Will definitely try and get some pics in action …and report back
  13. pclarksurf

    Simple Reef Hook

    Saw a couple of recent discussions on reefing and found myself lacking in that mechanical arena as well. Looked at a lot of previous threads and contemplated even extending the 1/4 pin on the slide to pick up the hook but decided simple is just that. Of course I had to snap off a screw head...
  14. pclarksurf

    1987 Cat 22 Sail Main Sail Maintenance: Boom Vang

    Had too many things to spend money on early and skipped the Vang-- just put it on this season and very pleased. It is something you can postpone-- but your main shape will suffer, you will never get the leech pulled taught -- windward performance will suffer. Worth the investment but...
  15. pclarksurf

    to be or not to be

    OMG don't get me started on the price of new cushions .... I bought the boat twice on that little expenditure. :facepalm:
  16. pclarksurf

    Never say never

    This may force me into the Bimini club -- the Floridians have won me over.
  17. pclarksurf

    to be or not to be

    Spend more to get to more — free is a good price, but looks a little rough. You can find a very functional C22 in the 2-5k range that will be a better mechanical investment. Also think your cost estimate is low —5K assuming you have good to excellent skills. You need to be clear on how much you...
  18. pclarksurf

    Never say never

    Humidity is running about 40% in the coolest hour of the early morning — will stay under 20% as the day heats up. We always joke we can handle some temps because “it’s a dry heat!” Which we all know is a fallacy — after low 100’s it’s just plain old freaking hot outside 10am Already in the...