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  1. BrianRobin

    Yaaa, back in the water for another year!

    It wasn't looking good, with Covid in the news, (although we have had zero cases here),but we're in as of Friday and looking forward to an enjoyable summer!
  2. BrianRobin

    Just What I need, Another mast!

    Picked this up today, a 61' mast, furler and rigging, supposedly from a 41' C & C. Our club had this stored for over 16 years, as the boat was purchased way back when and the new boat owners never picked up the mast. They were asked several times , twice this year to remove it, the last...
  3. BrianRobin

    Club/Marina Boat Cranes

    I'm looking for pictures/info of your club or marina boat cranes. Our club is looking to update our crane (max. 10,000 lb capacity), up to a 20, or 30 lb crane. I've been assigned the task of searching for a replacement. Lots when Goggled, but most are overseas, shipping would be high. Any...
  4. BrianRobin

    Not One of Beneteau's Better Idea's!

    Picture of the furling pin on my 351, the drum is below the deck and accessible from the anchor locker. You crawl in head first and insert the pin and cotter key, fun!
  5. BrianRobin

    Modified My Mast Trailer For an Easier Transport!

    For those of us with a short sailing season, some of us are lucky enough to take our boats home and that presents another problem, what to do with our masts. Some clubs (ours as well), have masts storage trees, but some op to take the masts home. I made this mast trailer from the metal of the...
  6. BrianRobin

    Pepe Le Pew, Skunky Around Our Docks!

    This past sat was our clubs "docks go in day", where all the member help out. If you look closely you'll see a young skunk peeking out of the top of a dock pylon . Unbeknownst to the workers the poor little guy was inside the large pipe when it was picked up from the ground by a crane and stood...
  7. BrianRobin

    Bent Mast, Spring Project

    Got a call from a buddy of mine today, and not a good one! The week before last we had high winds, and a large tree snapped and came down on his mast bending it near the lower spreader mounts. He had this parked in what looked to be the safest place! The boat is a 33' C&C, mast is 49'.5"...
  8. BrianRobin

    Unusual for around here, anyone know this person?
  9. BrianRobin

    Unusual ,for this end of the country

    Here's the link
  10. BrianRobin

    Need Help Identifing A Boat

    Hi Folk, My wife spotted this on our trip last week, wish now I had looked a little closer, any Idea's? At the front of the cove line there are 4 breaks, just behind an arrow like symbol and what looks similar to a Mercedes Benz triangle in blue on the cabin sides. Thanks muchly!
  11. BrianRobin

    Home Grown Cat,Who'd A Thunk It!

    This was revealed this weekend in our little city. The neighbors knew someone was up, as this guys dads garage was enlarged with tarps over the last couple of years. Now it has to be moved due to lot development next door. It's approx. 50' in length, built by one guy with a dream.
  12. BrianRobin

    Volvo Seal, Replaced With PSS.

    One step closer to launching this year (only another 20,000, 5 minute jobs to do). Replaced the original Volvo seal with a PSS, and Cutlass bearing as well. I had mentioned in another post that I thought I'd have to build up my stern tube, but after checking around found out I ordered the wrong...
  13. BrianRobin

    This Looks Like a 5 Minute Job!

    Fact: There are few, if any 5 minute jobs/repairs on a boat! Doing a cutless bearing, shaft seal ,getting ready to drop the rudder, (My wife is so great, that's her digging the hole, 58yrs old and still got it!) Going to change the Volvo seal to a PSS, stern tube is reduced in size at the end...
  14. BrianRobin

    New Trailer for My 351

    Just finished building a trailer for my Oceanis 351, a little bit of overkill in material size, used 4" x10" hss for the rails, 3- 8k axles with brakes, hauling her home for the winter tomorrow :)