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    Sail repair advice?

    Hey all, While out on the harbor the other evening my main developed a tear about six feet in length just above one of the seams. It extends back to the leech but the leech itself is still intact. It's about 25 feet up (40 foot luff). Looks like a pretty clean tear. It appeared out of nowhere...
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    Resealing transom seam?

    Hello all, I went to the yard to work on my 1990 30-2 yesterday and noticed that the sealant around the scoop transom is starting to come off. Well I actually noticed it early in the fall but it seems to be getting worse. I'm assuming I should peel/scrape it out and replace it with something but...
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    Can someone identify this furling drum?

    I'm trying to locate the owner's manual for my furling system. I can't find any sort of tag or manufacturer's data on this thing. Hoping someone recognizes it. I don't think it's a Flexible Furler or Harken but I'm not 100% sure. 1990 Hunter 30, I believe it's original to the boat. Thanks!
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    Turning block replacement questions

    Hey All, I'm trying to replace the original turning blocks on my 1990 H30. Clearly they've seen better days. I apologize for the terrible photos - was trying to take them in direct sunlight and could barely see the screen. It's an Isomat mast and despite the presence of the slots for nuts for...
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    Are PVC RIBs still inferior?

    Hello all, I bought a used 10' Achilles Hypalon/CSM panel-floor dinghy this year. Just now getting around to putting it to the test considering the late start to the season. It's pretty terrible. I keep having floor panels pop out of the channels, and the whole thing has a bit of a magic carpet...
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    1990 2GM20F issues - HELP!

    Running into some issues with my diesel and I was wondering if anyone had any insight. I'll apologize in advance for being a little wordy. Background: 1990 Hunter 30-2 with the original Yanmar 2GM20F inboard diesel. Somewhat maintained by the previous owners - they tried being DIY people but...
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    1990 Hunter 30-2 Lazarette Limber Holes?

    Hello! I bought a 1990 Hunter 30-2 at the tail end of last season and have been scrambling to get work done over the past few weeks to get ready to launch. I'm trying to figure out where water in the aft lazarettes goes. Unfortunately the bottom of the compartment is filled with the holding...