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  1. shank

    Aging Diesel Fuel

    Hello, I bought a Catalina 27 last year which has a Universal 5411 diesel inboard. The previous owner was nice enough to fill the tank for me. As you probably know, this engine is like the Prius of diesels and barely uses any fuel and at the end of this second summer of sailing, I'll probably...
  2. shank

    U-bolt Chainplates

    Hi, I was reading an article on Practical Sailor about the most common issues and problems with Catalina 27s and he mentioned that owners should check the lower shroud U-bolt chainplates to see if they have been upgraded. A number of the original fittings have failed, causing the rig to go over...
  3. shank

    Bimini for Catalina 27

    I have an 82 model and wanted to get some opinions on whether a Bimini would be at all practical on this boat. It has the split backstay and traveler at the end of the boom so I'm concerned there is really no place to put it and it will get in the way. I would probably just use it on the mooring...
  4. shank

    Water Pump Gasket

    I'm going to be putting in a new Oberdorfer water pump on my Universal 5411 to replace a Sherwood pump this weekend. The new pump comes with a gasket which sits between the pump and engine block. Do I also need to put some type of gasket maker product like Permatex on there or will that just...
  5. shank

    Sherwood Raw Water Pump Leak

    My later model Sherwood raw water pump on my Universal 5411 started leaking after I replaced the impeller. It wasn't leaking at all before the replacement and it's not overheating and still pumps water but the leak bothers me even on fresh water. I've removed the pump cover several times to...
  6. shank

    Bleeding air from fuel system Universal 5411

    I have a new to me 82 Catalina 27 with a Universal 5411 and the manual is ancient and diagrams not very clear. It indicates that there is an air bleeding screw on top of the fuel filter. Does this photo look like I have the right screw to bleed the air out while turning the engine over a few times?
  7. shank

    Streaks on bottom paint

    Hello, I have a 82 Catalina 27 which I applied a new coat of VC 17 bottom paint to. I've noticed that after a rain I'll see some white streaks or stains that bleed down from the topsides all over the bottom paint which is pretty ugly and ruins my paint job. (I should have taken a "before"...
  8. shank

    Swim ladder step repair

    Hello sailors, I'm refinishing the steps on my swim ladder and I found some rot on one of them where the screws secure it to the ladder itself. The wood is teak and the integrity of the rest of the step is very good so I want to try and repair rather than replace it. Any ideas on what to use to...
  9. shank

    Winter Cover

    I had a winter cover made for my Catalina 27 by Ship Shape Canvas out of Duluth, MN and it really came out great. They were easy to work with, the quality is high and several hundred $ less expensive than other quotes I received. I recommend them if anyone is looking for next year.
  10. shank

    Changing Impeller on Universal 5411

    Hello, I have a 1982 Catalina 27 with a Universal 5411 and I would like to change the impeller on it. I'm not having any problems with it but the previous owner is unsure when it was last changed. The water pump looks like it was changed at some point because it has the newer model Sherwood...
  11. shank

    Paint for Dinghy Floor

    Hi, I have an 8 ft dinghy with a wood floor which was made from a kit that I purchased from someone else. I think the interior boat floor is made of plywood and it often sits at the dock for days filled with rainwater in the summer before I get around to pumping it out. What kind of paint or...
  12. shank

    Refinishing Tiller Handle

    Hello, I bought a new-to-me Catalina 27 this summer and I'm refinishing the tiller handle. I've sanded it down to the bare wood (it appears to be ash) and I'm looking for suggestions on what type of finish to put on it and how to do it. If possible, I'd like a high gloss finish that doesn't...
  13. shank

    Winter storage on the trailer

    Hello, I hauled my boat out yesterday for the long Vermont winter * sniff *. I have the swing keep model and store on it on the original Load-Rite trailer in my yard. The previous owner told me that I shouldn't store it long-term on the trailer without putting the boat on blocks because it was...
  14. shank

    Hull Material

    Hello, I want to install a in-hull transducer in my 87 model C22. The Garmin rep tells me that it will work only with hulls made of solid fiberglass and not any cored material. Is the 87 solid fiberglass? *fingers crossed*
  15. shank

    Catalina Yachts Decals

    This is kind of trivial but it bothers me to waste money. I ordered two of these decals and the first one stuck to the paper backing pretty much ruining the decal. I had to scrape the paper backing off each letter and then kind of piece the whole thing together. It looks pretty bad. I...
  16. shank

    Question About Polishing Hull

    Hello, I'm polishing the hull on a 87 C-22 for the first time that I purchased last year. I went over the hull with 220 sandpaper and very lightly wet sanded the more visible scratches and oxidized areas. Now I'm going over the boat with an electric polisher and a wool buffer pad using...
  17. shank

    Rub Rail Replacement

    Happy Spring (sort of in VT). I have an 87 C22 and I'd like to replace the original beat-up, brown rub rail with the newer grey one from Catalina Direct. A guy on YouTube made it look pretty easy by soaking it on hot, soapy water and then using a screen tool to work it into the rail. Anyone...
  18. shank

    Cleaning Rudder Assembly

    Hi, I have an 87 model and I would like to clean up the rudder/tiller assembly. I'm not sure what the metal part is called but there is a fair amount of "pitting" or little divots in it that I would like to remove. I tried different cleaners but they just make the pitting show up even more...
  19. shank

    Water in bilge area

    Hello, I have a 1987 C22 that I purchased in May of this year. I've always noticed some water in the bilge area but today I pumped out 5 gallons, sailed for 3-4 hours and then pumped out another 5 gallon bucket. I don't know what amount is normal but this seems like a lot to me. It's on a...
  20. shank

    Depth sounder replacement

    I purchased a 87 C22 a few weeks ago and it has an old 2" depth sounder and Raymarine ST40 next to the companionway doors. Both units aren't working and don't look they can be salvaged. Since I'm basically starting from scratch here, I am interested in what others would do for in this case...